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OLT Teacher Engagement

High school agriculture education teachers are perpetually districted by the workload of school and notoriously late adopters to technology.  With 7,500 school chapters and 11,000 advisors, our company One Less Thing, has identified what we believe are the only ones currently on Twitter.  This number is around 2,000 chapters and advisors including junior and senior level college students preparing to teach agriculture education in the next several years.  Our current census is: 

  • Facebook 196 likes
  • Twitter 702 followers (following 1970)
  • Pinterest 35 followers (following 84) recent addition

99% of these chapters are silos in their own little world bound by regional competitions and annual conventions but with little way to share their learning strategies and expertise on certain agriculture/STEM related topics.  As former ag. teachers ourselves, we believe these late adopters need a very compelling reason to enter social media and ultimately learn of our online store.  We believe content related to specific subject areas (i.e. horticulture, forestry, vet science, animal science, ag mechanics...) needs to be assembled, categorized, and curated to make it accessible to busy ag teachers.  We know what content they need and where to find it and how to convey difficult topics to high school students, we just need them to see it and allow it to validate our brand as a reliable source of teaching material for their classroom.

Here's one of our nearly 50 or so jabs in the last year.  We'll follow Gary's advice and adding pictures to it.  I admit I stop for only pictures of key words that catch my eye as I scroll.

Here's our right hook.  This was our first after many, many jabs.  This went out right before our biggest trade show this year:

Instagram is an interesting dynamic for us.  Where we tweet unique, witty remarks for Facebook and Twitter, we want to do the same for Instagram.  The key is to find contextual photos to place on Instagram.  In the interest of not forcing it,  I'll hold off on this project until the photos present themselves and I'll backfill this spot with the results.  It has a a lot of potential and I look forward to seeing how well it does for us.  Also, I am set up on Statigram and ready to see how well that goes.

Gary V. turned us on to Pinterest and since I took this long to get to the Pinterest portion of Skillshare.  We've been set up since mid November 2013, and we have 74 followers and 248 people we follow.  We've pinned 150 photos to 16 boards.  We set up our boards based on Agriculture Education sbuject areas: Vet Science, animal science, plant science, agricultural mechanics, soil science, and so on.  Our primary source of content is not from items we find on Pinterest, but pictures we see posted on our Twitter feed.  We follow almost 2000 FFA's and ag ed teachers and many post the activities they complete during class.  If the photos they post are good visual snapshots of the activity, then I'll save it and pin it to Pinterest.  I always try and give full credit to the person or FFA Chapter that posted it.  However, on Gary's suggestion we'll go back and add better commentary and links to each photo.


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