OLLFP (Otto's Life Long Fitness Process)



My Long term fitness goal is to weigh in at 200lbs. That's 23 lbs less than I weigh today. I'm more interested in loosing fat as opposed to just weight nevertheless.

A tri-mester goal is to reach 210lbs from today's date (January 15th, 2013).

To acheive this goal I'm using positive re-inforcement to stay on track. I'm using automatic reminders in my Calendar program to be self aware or where I want to be. 

Since acheiving fat loss is my primary goal I will modify the amount of processed carbs I take on a daily basis. At the same time remembering that carbs are not good or bad but a choice.

A milestone for me will be to make this a habit and not have to track every bite and actually be conscious of what I'm eating.

I am using all tools available to me as well as a support group both virtual and physical to achieve my fitness goals.

Choosing the right path will be simple but not easy. I accept the challenge!

An update: My weight goal is now tied to how much fat percentage I want to allow on my bud.


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