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OH MY DOG! Stuff that scares my dog.

For this project, I decided to illustrate a collection of things that scare my 100 pound puppy. Here's the Final!



I started with sketches & lists in my small sketchbook. From there, I decided what would be most interesting to draw and composed pencil drawings, followed by a copic brush pen. 


From here, I usually trace over everything with tracing paper and scan. Since I am out of tracing paper, I used a mini light table to trace the final ink. Here are some final drawings that I scanned:


In photoshop, I deleted all of the white, gave each of the items their own layer to adjust their positions easily, and added color (similar to Kate's process). 


For the final touches, I used my tablet to draw the headline (with a gradient overlay in FXs), scanned in more text for a sub-heading, and finally, added some blue to give it a softer/watercolor-y feel.


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