ODD bodies

ODD bodies - student project

ODD bodies - image 1 - student project

Exercise 1: Action Figures!

I have chosen a tennis player picture as a reference picked from google.

First I just traced the picture to see how it was composed and to get the very basic shapes.

After, I started the stylization phase and because I am always impressed by the huge legs of tennis players I have decided to exaggerate the legs and also the racket.

I have also included some details that they were not in the reference pic and also change the pose a bit to avoid complicate things more to avoid the short sighted arm.

I have done all the process in procreate.



 ODD bodies - image 2 - student project

In the exercise 2, I have drawn the shape from memory without looking at previous drawing.



ODD bodies - image 3 - student project

This exercise took a while to do however it was very interesting in order to keep on practising the stylization process. I recognize all the final drawings share "something" but I can't realize which is my style besides cartoony and doodlish as they do not share a consistent look all together. Below I am placing pics individually together with reference pics and same order as I did.

ODD bodies - image 4 - student project

This one was the first I did and I have the feeling I did not stylize the reference enough, just curving a bit the original pose.

ODD bodies - image 5 - student project

In this one I am showing the whole process and also the fact that I did two versions, one a bit more "fantastic" where the swimmer is half person and half fish and the second one a bit more realistic.

ODD bodies - image 6 - student project

This one was my favourite to do, I was feeling more " free" and less attached to the reference pic, I guess it is because the pose was the easier.

ODD bodies - image 7 - student project

This one was the drawing that I struggled the most with and also the one I spent more time doing it.  At first I did not want to draw any surroundings to give context or use marks in the subject but in the end I had to use line variation, place some marks on him and also some difference in value too and still not really sure you can feel he is swimming backwards :D


ODD bodies - image 8 - student project

After the one before, this one was such a relief and a nice way to end the exercise with :)



ODD bodies - image 9 - student project



ODD bodies - image 10 - student project

ODD bodies - image 11 - student project

I have watched Bonus videos and it is really nice how Tom uses traditional and digital media all combined, really makes illustration to have a very special feeling and definitely the end result is super nice. However I have decided to do everything in procreate using just my ipad.

I did not use any reference picture so I started drawing, first basic and general shapes and afterwards details and marks. When happy with the result I started coloring, adding textures and shading and finally putting simple background behind the character.

This is the end of the practice, it was very nice to follow this class and I had lot of fun with the practice! Thanks Tom!