ODD BODIES - student project

Action Figures:

ODD BODIES - image 1 - student project

ODD BODIES - image 2 - student project

Action Figures from memory:

I liked the special pose of the pingpong player a lot, so I went on drawing him from memory...

ODD BODIES - image 3 - student project

...and turned the second iteration into an illustration.

ODD BODIES - image 4 - student project


Page of poses:

ODD BODIES - image 5 - student project

Illustration - playing soccer 

ODD BODIES - image 6 - student project


People in shapes:

Starting with a guy fitting into the silhouette of a sneaker, I  came up with this cap that reminded me of a cyclists cap. So returned out being a bike racer.

ODD BODIES - image 7 - student project



I started with the blue figure and tried cutting out each figure in one movement as much as possible with cutting away sharp corners here iand there in the end. ODD BODIES - image 8 - student project


First I put this huge wheelbarrow onto a page and drew this person in a pretty odd, artistic posture. Then I came up with this farmer or gardener in a fast forward movement.

ODD BODIES - image 9 - student project

ODD BODIES - image 10 - student project

Friedrich Mayer
Illustrator & Communication Designer