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I decided to draw both my characters in one canvas because I got one drawing done and I had room on the other side for another. ^_^

On the left is Adrian and on the right is Nemesis.

Adrian - 

Spends all his time travelling around trying to get money in order to pay for his older sister to escape their home country. Works mostly as a bounty hunter but takes small jobs here and there. He isn't taken very seriously due to his inexperience, height, and age (and justly so). Scars on his face are due to an embarassing childhood incident.

Nemesis -

Haven't delved much into her backstory, yet, but here's what I have so far:  

She was cursed with a sword that always comes back to her - the more disrespectful she is, the heavier the sword gets. She's prone to bad moods and high tempers, which makes it difficult to settle down and make friends; always is on the lookout for someone who could relieve her of her curse.

These two chars are just pretty much side-projects, not essentially in the same story.

Head Turnaround for Nemesis:

I used the lines but at some point I accidentally deleted the layer... Oops.

Head Turnaround for Adrian:

This one wasn't as easy as Nem's, for some reason; but I really like how the front view turned out.

Nem Emotion Sheet:

Order from top left: Ecstatic, not amused, tired, anger (rage face, much?), crying, lovestruck.

This was a lot of fun; resisted the urge to draw more than six!

Adrian Emotion Sheet:

He's a little less open about his feelings than Nem is, so here we go!

Order from top left: Thrilled, scheming, disappointed/bored-out-of-his-mind, frustration/anger, crying, what-did-you-just-say?

I'll probably do some more of these; it really helps a lot to get a feel for your character's personality!


Yeah I drew some more. I was feeling a little artist-block-ish on the full body turnarounds so I decided to take a break.

Order from left on the bottom line (New ones): Lovestruck, sleeping, that puss-in-boots-eyes face.


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