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OBEY Summer 2013 Lookbook

My Final Project

Hello everyone. My name is Tia MoTa and I'd like to present the OBEY Summer 2013 lookbook photos as my final project.

Through this Shoot n' Style Skillshare class, I learned how to set up a photo shoot, the importance of setting a time, date, location, and mood details. I fully understand the importance of detail and composition in every photo.

As of yet I do not have my own label/brand so I chose OBEY for my lookbook project. I have a love for art, colors, and patterns. The OBEY design is all about that and more!

OBEY founded on the art, design, and ideas of Shepard Fairey. It began with an absurb sticker created in 1989. OBEY clothing was formed in 2001 as an extension of Shepards range of work.

Mission Statement:

"OBEY is about variety and experience, thinking about your surroundings and questioning the purpose" -Shepard Fairey

My Mood Board for OBEY  

For my inspiration board, like Tasha, I gathered a collection of photos from other lookbooks that inspired the mood that I was going for in the OBEY Summer '13 lookbook.

My mood board exhibits three ideas: art, nature, and texture.

I chose art because of vividness; I wanted to show a mixture of intensely bright colors and somewhat of a high degree of saturation which represents summer. I figured the mix of colors in the background combined with the artsy graphics on the OBEY t-shirt would be very appealing!

My second choice was to shoot in a nature setting. Regardless to age, gender, generation... most people are attracted to nature. I felt the combination of nature with the OBEY designs had an almost perfect blend which speaks to an universal audience.

My last but favorite choice was texture. I worked as a school photographer, photographing students this past Fall and Spring. We used plain backdrops and allowed the students to pick different designs/patterns to fill the background. I have a strong awareness for texture, patterns, and detail. I like the look of motionless posing against  a solid background that has detail, whether it's dark or light, indoors or outdoors. The colors and graphic designs on the OBEY t-shirt really stood out in this mood scene and definitely are an eye catcher!

Check out my inspiration board aka mood board!

Shot Checklist:

Front view of each T-Shirt

Full body view; Vertical Shots

Half body view; Horizontal Shots

Side view; Angle Shots

Close up of details and labels on each T-Shirt

Make sure each mood (Art, Natrue, Texture) mixes well with the T-Shirts

Emphasize the Art, Natrue, and Texture moods

Lesson 3: The Final Lookbook Project!

I used everything I learned to complete this Lookbook project for Tasha's Skillshare class, using OBEY as the brand.

I watched all the videos and followed through completely on all the lessons. I shot three different T-shirt designs and placed emphasis on my mood ideas; Art, Nature, and Texture. I tried to organize the pictures in such a way so they would flow as though you were actually turning pages in my Lookbook.

Thank you Tasha for this class. I learned so much!

Feel free to leave comments, all are appreciated. Let's keep in touch.

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