O. Bouyant


I decided to make the cover simple, clean and with movement. 


Here I realized everything was horizontal so the caption goes vertical, and the number of pages meet in the middle. 


In these two pages I wanted to fill with the image a bit more of space so it would be different from the previous one, combined with some movement of the  paragraphs. 


In the last part, to me it was of the same importance the images and the information that's why I decided to keep it in the middle a bit small to focus the eyes in there. 


I just graduated from product design bachelor but I've always loved mixing my projects with visual design, I love experimenting with it, I think there are endless possibilities of creating visuals.  This course was really helpful to me I learned to put name to the things that i'm doing by heart , it helped to learn how to balance, how to increase the power of communication, I'm reallly thankful it helped a lot. I would really appreciate some feedback, 

Thank you, 



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