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"O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree."

Gosh this process of creating my first moodboard has been so interesting.  It took such a lot of focus to get to these images from the large amount I had gathered. I enjoyed working at discovering what the “mood” is that I wanted to communicate. I was so glad to have a deadline as I kept working at it despite everything else going on. 


I am really looking forward to the next stage of the process and seeing what emerges.   

As you suggested I picked out the the drawings ings that appealed to me the most from the ones I did and I am uploading them. When I started to see the Christmas trees as little girls by adding garland arms, I did get excited and started drawing baubles to match their outfits which they could use as handbags! Wasn't sure how far I should take it as I began to imagine a Christmas Tree party with garlands strewn around music playing and the trees dancing aroung their handbags!!  Think I'll stop there, it doesn't sound much like my the theme of my moodboard - contemporary and stylish!  

I am aware that I need to spend a lot of time learning Ilustrator before I can share a repeat pattern. I am so pleased that this class has given me the motivation to commit to doing that. I am going to print out the motifs in different sizes on clear acetate and then cut them out and play around to get an idea of what patterns work best and that feels like fun.






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