O. Bouyant

O. Bouyant  - student project

O. Bouyant  - image 1 - student project

I decided to make the cover simple, clean and with movement. 

O. Bouyant  - image 2 - student project

Here I realized everything was horizontal so the caption goes vertical, and the number of pages meet in the middle. 

O. Bouyant  - image 3 - student project

In these two pages I wanted to fill with the image a bit more of space so it would be different from the previous one, combined with some movement of the  paragraphs. 

O. Bouyant  - image 4 - student project

In the last part, to me it was of the same importance the images and the information that's why I decided to keep it in the middle a bit small to focus the eyes in there. 

O. Bouyant  - image 5 - student project

I just graduated from product design bachelor but I've always loved mixing my projects with visual design, I love experimenting with it, I think there are endless possibilities of creating visuals.  This course was really helpful to me I learned to put name to the things that i'm doing by heart , it helped to learn how to balance, how to increase the power of communication, I'm reallly thankful it helped a lot. I would really appreciate some feedback, 

Thank you,