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Natalie Zeller

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Nutrition 101

Well, here, better late than never is my first draft! I guess I'm so late with this that everyone's probably moved on, but here it is nonetheless.

I am brand new to watercolour and illustration in general which I just started as part of my graphic design course last year. Imagine my horror when I learned that they actually wanted me to draw! I had put down my pencil in despair at age 9! I was happy to study other people's illustration but I didn't think I'd have to actually do my own! Silly right?)

So, here it is - my first ever showing of my artwork not in an assignment. I really love the little shadows that Amarilys gets under her icons, but I was unable to make them look right, so I cut them out from my scan and I'm going to try and paint them in with PS watercolour brushes and place them, because I really think that's what's missing.

I'd love some feedback on Concept, Content, Placement, Layout, Painting techniques and Typography please.

My best friend in the world who I consider to be my sister was complaining one day about having to eat vegetables and fruit and wanted to know if her carrot cake could possibly considered vegetable and whether the glass of wine she had could pass as fruit. That is my inspiration. I have another 2 ideas for which I've painted icons but haven't yet put them together. I will in due course in between uni assignments because I love this idea and would like to have it in my portfolio.


Draft #2
Hmmmm...shadows still not wowing me....need to try again. However I think a little bit of drop shadow on the items and text has made it pop just a bit more.
I 'm not entirely sure whether I'm overthinking this or whether something is not right...



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