NutriRec - student project

NutriRec is an app that will recommend what types of food and nutrients you should increase/decrease based on your health numbers.

The user will input their health data, such as the user's BMI, cholesterol, LDL, HDL, triglycerides, blood pressure, glucose level, thyroid level. For this phase of the app development, the user's health numbers will need to be provided by their doctor or health specialist after a blood sample (numbers may also be used from your last physical exam).

Once the user has inputted their data, the app will evaluate your numbers and tell you if you are healthy or at risk of a disease or health complication. Furthermore, based on your numbers, the app will also recommend to you certain types of food you should increase or decrease. For example, if your cholesterol level is above the healthy level, the app may recommend decreasing your meat intake and increasing vegetables high in fiber.

This app will be simple, but the objective is just for the user to find out if they are healthy, and what types of food they should be taking in more or less of to achieve and maintain those healthy numbers.

Home Screen:

NutriRec - image 1 - student project

Screen 1 + Screen 2:

NutriRec - image 2 - student project

Screen 3 + Screen 4:

NutriRec - image 3 - student project