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Nutella Umbrella

Everyone loves Nutella.

Their own subreddit is filled with crazy things people are doing with it.

However, the brand tried to cancel "Nutella Day" because it wasn't a brand project. It was a fan one.

How can they get past this and move forward with their beloved product?


- Searches are too concetrated in Italy, however, Reddit and using Socialbakers to analyze the Nutella fan page show that America, France, Mexico and Germany are also very interstead about the product.

- According to Google Trends, NY, London, Paris, Milan are some of the most fashionable cities in the world and they are also searching for Nutella.

- PSFK has an article showing how YouTube channels are overtaking Culinary Enthusiasts alway from the TV

- There are almost 2,5 million pictures on Instagram with the hashtag nutella. Nutellalove has almost 9K.

- Google Trends show that the term is spiking, however MixRank points to a lack of direction in the Google ads, in both text and display ads. 

Tumblr and Instagram being purchased on the last year show how the internet is becoming a "image driven platform"

However, category is demanding more and more healthy snacks. Which is not the case for Nutella.

A beloved product in a very competitve field. 


Justins has the best website traffic according to Open Site Explorer, with more authority, internal and external links. 

Skippy's, on the other hand, has clearly a low external link performance,. This allows Nutella to develop a strategy to build on that flaw from its competitor. 



Justins: "This site has relatively low traffic. "

32,838 likes · 594 talking about this -> low engagement. 

December 2, 2012 -> highest talking about this. Christmas preparations?

25-34 years old.


This site has relatively low traffic. 

445,825 likes · 12,443 talking about this -> good numbers, but not driving people back to the website.  The strategy here is to get more likes and engagement by posting lots of pictures, with recipes, or fun images of the product. Number of new likes per day is increasing quickly.

March 25, 2012 -> Easter?

18-24 years old -> younger and more "socially active" demographics.


This site has relatively low traffic. 

377,798 likes · 19,584 talking about this -> even though it has a smaller audience than Skippy, the number of stories created are higher. 

November 25, 2012 -

18-24 years old -> younger and more "socially active" demographics.


Nutella and Justins have similiar dates.

Nutella and Skippy's have the same target group and more results when it comes to social.

All of them have low traffic.

Using Trends, it's possible to see that Peanut Butter peaks in both December and March like what happened to the Skippy's and Justins fan pages. However, the volume is pretty much flat throught the rest of the year.

Even thought, the volume for peanut butter is around 7 times higher than Nutella. 

This means Nutella have another 10 months when Peanut Butter is not spiking to develop a bigger presence in the US Market.

That can be very interesting for them because when you compare states, the biggest markets are the ones searching for Nutella, like New York, Massachussets and California. Peanut Butter is more searched in West Virginia, Maine and Vermont.

The terms can be trick since brownie, cookies and recipes can be applied to both categories and brands.

Nutella also has more volume, users and better sentiment compared to Peanut Butter, Skippy's and Justins.


Consumer Insights:

Using Facebook's Graph Search to study the favorite interests of people who like Nutella USA's fan page, there is some interesting opportunities:

- since Nutella is seen as a premium item in America, a lot of interests are about travelling. Getting Nutella recipes from different countries can be a easy way to engage the audience. This can be supported by the fact that cooking is another interest showed by the tool.

- The same goes for coffee. This interest is curious since Nutella is seen as more of eatable. But Nutella based coffees could be another point.

- This shows the audience is likes adventures, but also is very focused on DIY.

- The audience, maybe because of the travelling, is also very cultural. Movies, concerts, photographies and music are shown as interests. This shows that it is a very intelectual target group we are dealing with.

- Reddit and Quora research shows how much people love Nutella. But also tells us the audience is a little bit lost on how to consume the product with topics like "Okay Reddit, I just got Nutella, now what?", "What are some things I can make with Nutella?" and "I bought Nutella...what now? ". 

- A really loved brand, according to all the tools, and some disturbing quotes like "i would eat a fucking corpse if it were covered in nutella".

- Quora also shows people interested in more healthier alternatives.



  • Research website traffic to see how many visits we get from branded channes / newsletters / dark social. 
  • Create strategies based on the insights gathered on the research to increase visits by 10% on each of the branded channels, but also newsletter and dark social.
  • No display ads. CTR and interaction rate on RM are quite low and the brand have enough fans and buzz.
  • Use Facebook Insights post-level spreadsheets to understand which content is more appealing to fans, but also time of the day. Use the data to breakdown demographics in order to maximize results.
  • Increase number of returning visitors on the website by 15% and pages by visit to at least 20%.
  • Pictures and recipes can also increase time spent on site by 20%
  • Increase numbers of online orders on sites like Amazon and Costco by sharing links from 3rd party websites, using UGC to levarage those sales by 10%.



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