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David Domzalski

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-- - the "Pinterest for Sports Fans"

We love our sports.  Many of us are fans of teams for a variety of reasons -- and we love to show off our loyalty.  I created to let true sports fans show off their pictures and videos -- and RANT away.  With NutJobFans, the tagline "Unapologetically Fanatical" resonates with most TRUE fans.  They love their team and they show it.  Their ways may not be understood by all -- but TRUE fans get it.  So, that's why NutJobFans exists.  For those fans out there to gather together as and state with all the passion in the world: WE ARE NUTJOB FANS!

Join the movement.  And follow us on Twitter @NutJobFans and on Facebook /NutJobFans.  Email us at [email protected].

- David Domzalski, Founder & Head NutJob


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