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Hilary Milne




Nurture your talent (Believe in yourself)

I have not worked with Illustrator before, but have used graphic apps on my Ipad and have used Photoshop Elements for years.

This project was perfect for me as I have very little confidence in myself when it comes to drawing/designing. I spend days on Pinterest gawping at the work of others, dying to make such beautiful things, but then I freeze when I try to do something for myself, or it comes out as a poor copy of someone else's design, and I feel like giving up.

My design for this project started as one figure, then I realised it is the voice in my head that stops me from creating something unique, and I need another self beside me - a positive self, so having made a simple figure, I made a brighter self - the positive me, the one that I need to feed and nurture, and encourage. She got more and more elaborate as I tried things out, and as my need to do what was in my head grew. I found out how to rotate round a point (for the sun), and import my flower pattern from my Ipad app. I wanted to shade her face, so I had a go at that, although I think it is perhaps more like a 5 o'clock shadow, I get the gist of how to do it!

I did start with a colour scheme, but it changed totally when I realised I wanted a second figure, but that in itself clarified in my head the story I wanted to draw for myself. I had a path, and grass at one point, but then I realised it was far too complicated and simplified it back to what it is now.

It is time to stop tweaking and I can't thank you enough for the tutorial. I love how everyone's little folk are so different and it has increased my confidence a lot - besides, it was such fun! 

One problem I am left with is that when I export to pdf, the tiled dotty dress has white lines between each tile. What am I doing wrong? Whether the pattern tile had a stroke or not I still see white lines in the pdf. 



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