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Step 1

Shapes I found interesting...

You can find more examples on pinterest board:

Step 2

At the momen. I really like the idea of tourists flying around whil taking pictures. But I also like the idea of flying cars, a high speed train and the form of the satellite houses...

everybody knows the castle in the center, but what's also typical for nuremberg are the half-timber houses. They are abundant in architectural details and everyone looks different.

And then I looked up some interesting compositions on the web. Maybe they'll help me find a nice composition.

Step 3

I´m working on my composition...And I think I´ll draw the flying tourists. ;)

Like that idea for the city name in a cloud:

I think I´ll do this one:


I´ve chosen some colors from pictures of my pinterest collection. 

I´ve added some UFO-shapes to represent the nuremberg castle and an ufo to make it look more futuristic. But I left the many little houses in the back like they look in reality to refer to the original look of the city. 

In the end it wasn´t easy to find a good place for the typography. I wanted to leave some space free at the sky, so I placed the "Nuremberg 2040" on the sidewalk.


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