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Olivia Sulistio

Account Planner at Lowe and Partners Indonesia



Number-two Friendly Toilet Locators

App idea:

I am building an app that enables people with sensitive tummy in public places to find nearest available number-two friendly clean toilets by giving tailored lists of recommended toilets along with how-to-get there and brief reviews about the toilets; because people with tummy problems need to be get their business done as soon as possible without having to worry how to clean themselves afterwards in order to be able to comfortably get on with their days.

‣ Who are the users?
People with sensitive tummy

‣ Why are they using your product?
Find nearest available clean number-two friendly toilets (providing water spray and toilet papers) when they have tummy-ache in public places

‣ What benefit does it have for them?
No panic attack

‣ What problem is it solving for them? 
To do number two as soon as possible and not to have to worry how to clean themselves afterwards

‣ What got them to pick it up in the first place?
They are tech savvy, familiar with apps. They don't want to frantically google or send friends message to help them find the toilets. It is embarassing and takes a long time.

‣ How did they hear about it?
They saw the ad in doctor's office and pharmacies.

‣ What’s so much better about it than what they were doing before?
It is efficient. They don't have to frantically google or send friends message to help them find the toilets. Plus, the app also allows them to submit their toilet recommendation.

‣ When do they use it?
When they have tummy ache

‣ Where do they use it?
... in public places

‣ How long do they use it for?
1 minute tops

‣ How much value does it bring them?
Priceless. This saves their day. They can get on to whatever they're doing and focus on what is important in their day.


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