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Nuka-Cola Fusion

Hi guys!

Just jumping in on this class. I've had this idea in my head for a play on a coca-cola add for the Nuka-cola drink from Bethesda's Fallout games. I'll be doing an ad for a new version of Nuka-cola called Nuka-cola Fusion ("Now with refreshing grape flavor and reduced risk of radiation sickness!"


So, made a lot of headway tonight onto the project. Five videos in, and this is what I've got:

Still got a ways to go (especially with that bottle) but I like where it's heading :) Hopefully I can finish up the classes and this project tomorrow. Already feeling much more confident in Illustrator again, which is NICE!


Section 2 is done. I've still got a lot of work to do on the bottle and cap to get it finished, but I'm feeling MUCH more at home in illustrator, which is nice. Even though I've used it regularly, I haven't felt as comfortable using it as I have using Photoshop. That's finally starting to change, which is very awesome :D

Here's where how everything looks right now:


Well, here's the finished product. I didn't go into a whole lot of details as this was really jus to familiarize myself with the tools I'm using a bit more:

What a blast! I'll probably do another project for grins and giggles later. Thanks for watching guys! And thanks for teaching, Brad!


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