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Hi there! haven't been here lately but i'll do my best.

I'm a BA Student of Industrial Design form México. Currently studying in the Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Puebla.

My mood board is the nex one

Jay Cutler Here (y)

So, my idea was yuxtaposition in other aspects not seen at first sight. I really like some yuxtaposition ideas on Jay Cutler's phisique or the properties of a bird in the other hand, let me explain.

What if a shark dreams to be a cowboy?

If the lightest bird was made of stone? or even every bird was made of stone?

Ballons with spikes? The left picture has an example of a frute in México called Tunas (yeah, like the fish), they have ultra small spikes... maybe some tuna ballons, none of this creatures could have many friends though...

some white weapons are just way to destructive, eventhough our society is used to it, it's not... not so sane for the kids, for us as humans. Also our life style is just worse and worse with all these junkfood, it's killing us. This yuxtaposition explores the ironic relationship whithin 2 situations. the lack of sensitivity toward violence nowadays and the dangers of our diets.

and why not? all your effort to become stronger and tougher makes you soft and fluffy, this one right here i love the most! It contains some sort of puns... you become big, huges, like a cloud. Many good ideas

So i choose the nubys, In Spanish, a Cloud is called "nube" and this arttoy resamble the and the irony of the bodybuilders in a level that they become huge, and bumpy, don't get me wrong. My grandfather was a bodybuilder, my dad did practice it too. I respect this people, there dedication. But have a look in the sky, the clouds are huge giants.

I'll keep updating this as soon as i have time, but i've been sketching and scultping so i need to upload my work.

Tell me what you think :D

As i've said, i've been sketching, only on two arttoys, hope you like it! I present to you Ston birds! and Nubys!

Stone birds!!!

Also planning on doing on concrete the stone birds! it would be aaawesomee!!

Tell me what you think! it would be great some feedback!

I sculpted some nubys days ago, i would like to sculpt them on white wax. This color doesn't help that much.

Need to practice though. :D Enjoy! Feedback!


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