Noxiuz Lifestyle Clothing

Noxiuz Lifestyle Clothing. Its a Brand based in Puerto Rico. We started from the need we saw on the market for streetwear since we dont get almost any of the brand on the island. Also we believe it was on us to portray on clothing the culture and the lifestyle that we much love and give it back to the street that was demanding it. it was our interest to propel as an independent label from the island.

The Brand Name

Noxiuz came from the word "obnoxious". We notice how the word stand out in a sentence and it captivated us. we also like what the word meant. 

  1. extremely unpleasant

We understood that the name it was super long so we believe we neede to shorten it. we came up with NOXIUZ. Witch its a misspelled for noxiuos, witch it also meant.

  1. poisonous or harmful

both of these meanings were perfect for the attitude and the style we wanted to project. We wanted to bring the energy of an era where drugs, party and nightlife controlled our lives. those energies at which incites to express your feelings and ideas in its rawest form, no taboos, life is now. of those ideas came our slogan.

SLOGAN (still working on it ideas are welcome)

Searching perfecion in all the wrong places. we know it needs work but the idea is that in spite of the craziness, the party and drugs, what we did was in search of a new vision to create was in search of love and inspiration.

The Logo

For the logo we appropriate two icons that appear in the spraycans, witch are harmfull and flammable. What more NOXIUZ that some icons that represent damage.


To complete the harmfull symbol has an x in it as the word of noxiuz perfect match. for some reason we do not use colors that bring these icons, which makes me think that we should try it, who knows. also with the passage of time we changed the first logo that we did. replacing the x with bones and gave a update to the flame of fire.

( Feed back on it will be appreciated )

we also use the flame alone dependig on the design.

The Wordmark

As for the wordmark its been a work on progress. we started with something thinking it was cool or so and then noticed that it was a bit to wild. 

First Option  

Second Option 

The second option its what we are currently using. Clean straight foward timeless.


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