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Noxious vs. Innocuous


Maybe I should make Medusette have snake eyes. though that will diminish the cute factor. hmmmmm

10/29/13 update

Photoshop mockup Medusa as a child - rough concept, needs refining definitely.


10/27/13  update

I've worked up a photoshop mockup of what Atomic Barbie (Bombshell Barbie? Nuclear Barbie-Q?) might look like. I think I'll work up the Medusa as a child, also. Considering Ben Franklinstein too, because my stepson said "I'd buy it just to set on a shelf and say to people 'That's Ben Franklestein'" :)

Anyway, here's a Barbie mockup


Update: Pairings

1. Sweet Medusa

I have a thing for Medusa, I guess - two of my pairings involve her. The first one is where her snakey hair is made of twizzler snakes, and have other candy elements - like peppermint candies for eyes. Being spirals they would look sort of hypnotic. I'm not sure what I'd do with her body though. Some illustrations show her body as a snake... so I'd have to incorporate some candy element there.

2: Little Miss MedusetteI then started thinking of how it'd be interesting to see Medusa as a little girl. Her 'hair' would be snakes, but in pigtails! And she could be doing childlike things like blowing a bubble or something similar. Perhaps licking a huge lollipop? With her forked tongue!

3: Ben Franklinstein

I'll admit this one is just a play on words which amused me and probably wouldn't be all that interesting in reality. Still thought I'd share :)

4: Spockasaurus

Star Trek is a popular culture phenomenon and there is a meme about Tyrannosaurs Rex having such short armes they cant do things... So it amused me to think of Spock as a Tyrannosaurus and having difficulty making his famous "live long and prosper" gesture.

5: Atomic Barbie, a.k.a Nuclear Barbie-que

I want to blow up Barbie :)

I'm envisioining Barbie in a pink lacey princess dress but her hair would be in the shape of a mushroom cloud.  I could see the fabric of her dress being made of hearts and radiation symbols.If I were to keep the scepter, it could have a pink skull on it, perhaps. I could probably have a variety of accessories she could hold.

Her body could glow in the dark! And I'm pretty sure glitter will have to be involved somewhere.

Those are my pairings. If anyone has any input, please let me know what you think! I can take it. :)

- Beth


Mood board

I went a little crazy with the number of photos, but what I'm going for is a combination of creepy and innocent, or similar juxtapositions.I made one board to represent the cute and colorful and another for the dark and sinister.

I love the high key colors of the first board, which represents the lighter innocent side. Bright and colorful! It gets a little more creepy as you go down... I find the Day of the Dead stuff fascinating and I think it is because of that already mashup of two seemingly disparate things: skeletons & death and happy celebration, with bright colors and woderful patterns. As you go down on the board the toys become creepier too - that Jack in the Box is horrifying!

Here is the lighthearted board:

And here is the 'dark side'

I will post the combinations soon.


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