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Now with Nov. Sketches!

To complete the Day 4 challenge, I dropped off my daughter off at the movie theatre with her girlfriends and headed to Panera Bread.  I had one hour + my sharpie pen + my sketchbook + my circle guide as constraints to finish this sketch.

The music at Panera Bread was really nice, and I found that the time was perfect.  I didn't need an hour, but the limited timespan motivated me to just draw (and stop overanalyzing what I wanted to see on the page).  I wanted a "freeform draw" experience, and was intimitated at that prospect.  (Most of the time, I draw from life or have a specific visual image for reference.)

It was a very freeing experience, and I loved it.  I had my Kandinsky book with me to inspire me.  I wrote a little more about it on my blog.  :)

I'm now doing the challenges in the wrong order.  Just my style!  ;)

I did not get to use a different instrument today (just regular old pen) because I tucked the time in at work today.  I actually stayed late in order to complete this in relative silence before craziness ensued at home.

I started this thinking of things I love about fall (paisley prints).  When I finished, I took a photo and posted to Instagram with the #IHaveTime hashtag.  This is when I had a big realization:  I felt guilty typing that "I have time."

That's really not okay.  I realized that I need NOT to feel guilty about taking time for myself.  While watching the first videos, I did not mentally identify guilt as a typical "roadblock" for me in completing a sketch a day.  But now that Ria has challenged us to take the time, I'm realizing that I have emotional space that needs clearing out in order for me to be disciplined about my sketch time.

I completed this sketch in about 20 minutes while (somewhat unsuccessfully) dodging emails and finally, in person requests from co-workers.  (Why did they stay late, too?)

Often, my only time available to sketch is at work, during meetings.  I had a beautiful, geometrically-inspirational venue this week and did a quick pen sketch of the ceiling.


I also did this sketch during a meeting.


When I get home, I have more art supplies (like beautiful markers), but I don't enjoy sketching before bed, usually because I'm dog-tired.  I did it anyway twice this week.


One night I had 30 minutes to myself.  I had William Morris' gorgeous, rich, and "autumn-y" textiles on the brain.  It helped that Sherlock Holmes was on TV (the ones from the 80s and 90s with Jeremy Brett).  The fashions and decorations helped keep me in the mood for depicting William Morris' era.


It's the season for color-popping chrysanthemums, so I quickly pencilled in a red and yellow mum (quarter-shot) in my sketchbook.  Again, the downside of sketching before bed is that I'm so tired.  The upside, however, is that I'm always glad (the next day) that I completed a sketch the night before.


Update:  I usually keep my sketches in my sketchbook, but my son (4) stole it and inserted his own sketches, which primarily consist of Mario from the video game:


While I was searching for my sketchbook, I completed some drawings (basically images I would have sketched in my book) on canvas bags:



Now, I have reclaimed my sketchbook from my son, and I'm back to the sketchbook and loving all the fall leaves and beautiful colors:


Now with November sketches!

From Nov. 1 (Day after Halloween), while I was watching The Invisible Man with my family.  It got me it the mood for "spooky fonts." 


You can read more about it here.  


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