Milena Deneno

Illustrator and Designer



Now Your Candy is GONE

I'm in LOVE with Bee and Puppycat (seriously, if you havent seen it you should check it out here:, and I had been going back and forth on what sentence to use, as you will see below in my thumbnails.

I tried to incorporate parts of the show, and am thinking of picking a palette close to the dreamlike quality the show has for my finalized lettering. I searched for inspiration for the lettering styles from 70's candy wrappers, space related posters (NASA), and the logos they use for the show itself (or its web posters).

The sentence I ultimately decided to go with is " You took too long, now your candy is gone" and in the final thumbnail I decided it looked more balanced with the "that's what happens" tagged at the bottom, visually. I realize it is a long sentence and that I'm probably biting off more than I can chew with a 12 word sentence when we were assignged a 10 or less word to pick... sigh.

So here's the final sketch: *note I decided to use the "wigwag" candy font for the outermost circle.

Then I went over it with 6B pencil:

And then to embelishing and inking:

I followed on to separating the stuff I wanted in different colors, and tried to make the "c" and "y" in candy the same size as the rest of the letters, but I decided it looked better with the first and last slightly taller than the rest.

The next step will be digitizing and putting it together again in photoshop. I will probably re-ink the whole thing again, I've already done it 4 times, because of crooked lines (and also because I find teh process calming and enjoy it a lot).

I feel this poject made me look at lettering in a whole different way, my favourite websites now are MyFonts and I Love Typography. I never thought I could make something remotely as cool as this, and when I show it to my friends they say it looks like it's printed. That makes me super happy. 


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