Now Do This!

Now Do This! - student project

I think everyone is capable of making their list of things to do, and most of us do this. The hard part can often be choosing what to do next. Most of us find it easier if someone is telling us what to do, telling us what the priority is, telling us when it needs to be completed.

The idea of my Now Do This! App is to allow the user to enter several tasks they'd like to complete that day and the App will tell them which task to do next.

Even for a user who has a TTD App, they may still use Now Do This! to get help with deciding what to do next.

I'd like the App to be colourful and have some animation and maybe even some humour or commentary as tasks are displayed for action and when tagged as complete. When it's time to choose the next task, I'd like a display of remaining tasks in random order, perhaps slowing until the next task is displayed.

So the App needs to accept a list of tasks and allow for the task entries to be edited and deleted. 

It needs a START button which will begin the random display of available tasks and then display the chosen task. The user should receive brief instructions that they should go do the designated task and report back when they're done.

There needs to be a button that can be tapped to indicate the task is complete.

Should there be a "Choose Again" button? You know, if the choice is actually a task you'd rather not do right now? Probably not, but lets keep this as an option, maybe if they tap this button it says "Come on, don't choose another one, just get on with this one. COME ON! Do it now!".

Optional humour, when the user taps to indicate they've done a task, if the elapsed time has been particularly long, then maybe the App makes a comment "That took a while, but, well done! What's next?"

That's it for now...

Greg Fisher
Learner Coder