Now Adopt -- Nonprofit Crowdfunding Site for Adoption Expenses

What the company is:

Now Adopt (www.nowadopt.org) is a web-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that utilizes the power of crowdfunding and peer-to-peer networking to raise funds to assist with adoption related expenses for adopting families.

Who is Now Adopt for?

1) Families in the process of adopting who wish to raise funds for their adoption expenses.

2) People who support adoption and want to contribute financially to specific projects OR to the general fund.

Why Now Adopt is needed:

Now Adopt provides a web-based platform to a technologically underserved niche, allowing adoptive families to share their stories online while having tax-deductible contributions made toward their adoption related expenses. 

How does Now Adopt work:

Qualified families apply to be accepted as a Now Adopt project. Each project has a specific page on the Now Adopt website where family, friends, and adoption supporters can easily make donations. This page is shared via email, blogs, and social media.  The web-based platform allows for easy distribution of information to users and supporters via peer-to-peer networking. Funds received through the Now Adopt website for each project are sent to the adoption agency that is handling the family’s adoption, therefore donors can be assured that their contribution is being used for the family’s adoption related expenses.

Donations are also accepted to the Now Adopt general fund for the purpose of covering overhead expenses such as transaction fees, web servers, fees, etc. 

What makes Now Adopt unique:

Most nonprofit organizations can be categorized as:

1) Small local

2) Large national

3) International

Now Adopt is considered a small national organization and is one of the first web-based nonprofit organizations. Currently laws and regulations do not make specific accommodation for this model therefore Now Adopt has been registered in each state in order to legally accept contributions nationwide. This allows Now Adopt projects to receive donations from friends and family all over the country while staying in compliance with each state's regulations.

Now Adopt was founded by two software professionals and a CPA who saw the need for an online fundraising tool and combined their skillsets to create the organization.  


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