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Novice with Inspiration

Part 1. Creative Inpiration images and text: 

Part 2: Awnsering questions 


My dream garden this year will be composed of two spaces: my backyard and 3 planters at my workplace, Shambhala Yoga and Dance Center. Last year was the first time that I planted veggies and herbs in my own space and my own devices, so I would pin myself as a novice gardener. I grew tomatoes, herbs, and peppers in the summer and grew lettuce, mustard, kale and attempted cauliflower and broccoli over the fall and winter months, although the heads did not appear. In the summer the herbs were available for Yogis to take home with them in little baggies in the studio!

I do not know much about lighting, soil testing or spacing. I also do not know when which veggies grow best!


Skills I wish to acquire this year is gauging what vegetables will grow the most successfully in my north facing/ south east exposure backyard space , what veggies grow well with others, effective planting techniques, and how does soil content and amt. of water affect my harvest. I also would love to learn how to plant my own seedlings!!!

- In my backyard: There are areas of the yard that receive 6 or more hours of sunlight with some space that only receives 4 at most. There are currently lots of pots and a small above the ground bathtub bed. I would like to receive feedback on whether or not it is worth constructing a new bed in an area with 4 or so hours of sunlight a day or just planting my garden in large pots to have the flexibility to move things around. (this is also highly resource and cash dependant)

-  At Shambhala: there are 3 beds that receive an adequate amount of sunlight 6 plus hours, the furthest bed receiving some shade from our japanese maple. I would like to assess if the furthest bed should be planted with herbs, flowers or veggies?


For both gardens, I could dedicate a few weekends to constructing the beds and planting the garden and then a small amount of time each day for maintenance ( 1hr for watering and oversight). Both gardens will be relatively small, unless I receive more support for the backyard space! If there is more support for the backyard, I can carve out more time!


Objective: to do the project without spending a substantial amount of money. I would rather invest time finding resources and connecting with individuals than spend the money outright. Trying to grow food to save money( in my backyard) and growing to enhance community ( at shambhala).

- My backyard: Has tons of potential as it is a huge space! My direct plan is to create beds and growing incubators with found objects. I have some seeds I will experiment with from the get go and will purchase transplants if necessary perhaps from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.  

- Shambhala: I have a individual who has pledged $100 towards the project so far. BK Farmyards farmer bee plans to give us flower transplants for the Chakra Flower Garden with purpose of collaboration and cross marketing. Since the herbs, flowers and veggies will be available for the shambhala community to enjoy ( both with their eyes and with their bellies) I will be asking yogis for donations ( monetary or in seeds/ transplants). The planting day will be a community effort with the first two planters ( the chakra flower garden and the healing herb mandala layout) and the third planter and multitude of pots  being an  open veggie and edible herb garden in which people can be as creative as they like.


I consider my gardens this year to be a fun learning experiment and plan to give myself lots of grace and room for mistakes and learning from them! I would like to foster an observant mind, tracking which veggies did best where and under what conditions so I can take these tools into my next garden space! I really like the idea of keeping a garden journal.

Part 3: Garden Sign 

I would like to make painted/ artsy signs for each bed of the shambhala garden and possibilty a garden stone or several for my intention for my backyard garden: transformation, growth and health. Still thinking! 

sign #1- The Chakra System of Flowers

sign #2- tiny healing herb mandala 

sign #3- Community veggies and herbs! 


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