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Daria P.

IG @heyhooraydesign



November sketchbook challenge


1/30: Fall.  Yes, I am a sketchbook cheater and yes, those are little bits of paper covering up lines I wanted to edit.  I am trying to relax into pen/paper but it's going to take a little while to break the Illustrator habit of infinitely adjustable curves.


2/30:  Gourds.  Sketches of a gorgous picture of a Cinderella pumpkin filled with succulents from @pamgarrison's Instagram feed.  Still rocking the paper training wheels.


3/30:  Color.  Rainy all morning + I have been thinking about beautiful grays + I was sort of thinking this project would be ink only = some very mellow gouache.


4/30:  Hay.  I love the prompts that seem so baffling and turn out to be so inspiring once you really dig in.  Turns out this project is definitely not going to be ink only.  I need to find my size 0 brushes, though. 


5/30:  Feast.  Hello, new 18/0 brush.


6/30:  Bonfire.  Had this idea to use white gelly roll pen to outline the smoke; sketchbook learning experience of the day is that I do not like white gelly roll pen and now everything's kind of a mess.  I still like the idea of white lines, though.  Pen and white ink, maybe.


7/30: Home.  Nib & white ink on the smoke today, felt much better although it dried less opaque than I'd hoped.  It's still not quite the effect I want but it's fun working out the problem.  Also fun:  the old bottle of silver ink I found while digging around for the white.


8/30:  Gathering.  Yes, covered up my entire first attempt at this.  Still tried to keep it fast & loose though.  You can tell the forks are for a fancy gathering because of the giant ring.


9/30:  Seasons.  I was so stuck on this prompt, but in the end it was almost as much fun to draw as skeptical donut cat.


10/30: Chill.  I wish my bourbon always came with a tiny iceberg in it.


11/30:  Tea.  This one was tough to get into.  Which is a great exercise in itself, right?


12/30:  Apple.  For some reason the first thing I thought of was an orange peel cat hat, and then I just couldn't unsee it.


13/30:  Leaves.  Thinking about Paris.


14/30:  Acorn.  Busy day, 10 minute sketch.  Feel much better having gotten my daily practice in.


15/30:  Socks.  Turns I out I just sorted out all the singles yesterday, so here they are.  Looking at the photo, I feel that I should have bothered to get up and find my smaller paintbrush, but the fact that I can't pass up a pair of stripey black socks is still pretty clear.


16/30:  Boots.  Yes, I would frame these if I didn't love wearing them so much.



17/30:  Family.  Two pics of this one because I did not lay it out in convenient Instagram format.  Here is my family, favorite cakes version.


18/30:  Park.  As in, Mr. Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation.


19/30:  Spice.  Momentarily stuck until I realized, duh, I eat sriracha almost every day.  Then stuck again on trying to draw a straight-sided symmetrical object by hand instead of with Illustrator.  But glad to know I will always have the exact right color of gouache for the job.


20/30:  Pie.  The grass is always greener.  Quick late night sketch.


21/30:  Cabin.  Ok, today was not an excellent perspective day for me.  Trees were fun though.


22/30:  Scarf.


23/30: Still.  


24/30:  Snuggle.  If my cats were ever this close to each other under a blanket there would be a lot more being exchanged than suspicious looks.


25/30:  Hat.  


26/30:  Warmth.  I am behind in posting this but pleased with myself for getting it done on Thanksgiving.


27/30:  Coat.  Another one drawn on time, posted late.  I wasn't sure about being able to find the focus to get these done over the holiday but ended up really liking winding down the day with some late-night sketching.


28/30:  Lanterns.  Little party lights.  Two days left, two pages left in my challenge sketchbook.


29/30:  Full.  Hard prompt!


30/30:  Giving Thanks!  This has been a great set of prompts, and I am looking forward to your next class!


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