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November Sketch a Day Challenge

Hi, this is my first sketch for the November Challenge. I think I would like to develop some of it into a pattern of some kind.

I've just moved to New Zealand from England and it's actually spring here so my references came from Google! 

I've used watercolour pencils, which are very new to me. It was nice to explore their use - very different.  

Having fun and looking forward to day 2. 


Day 2 - Gourds

More Googling for imagery - its such a great resource! I remember as a young student only having access to physical libraries. Google is so much quicker!

Today I wanted to practice my pen and ink technique. I love the style and would love to be good at it. Getting textures while only using one material took a lot of thought and consideration. I very much enjoyed doing today's sketch and will probably do more practice with my brushpen.


Day 3 - Colour

I wracked my brain for this one! I don't know why I struggled to come up with an idea for it. In the end I decided to experiment some more with the watercolour pencils I have. My intention was to see how the colours changed when mixed with each other and use it almost as a reference, but I don't think they mixed very well. Perhaps I will try doing it again but using water too.

In the end I used a water brush to write the word 'colours' over it and got a nice effect, I think!


Day 4 - Hay

More experimenting, this time with watercolours. Not something I've ever really used before. I used an image from Google again. I would like to get the hang of using watercolours, I need more practice!


Day 5 - Feast

Day 6 - Bonfire

Day 7 - Home

I'm afraid that I've fallen a bit behind! Its scary how easily it happens, getting into the habit of  a sketch-a-day is harder than it sounds. Life gets in the way...

These are my sketches for  days 5, 6 & 7. The others (8, 9 & 10) are still rattling round in my brain and I'll upload them as soon as I can. I'm determined to keep going!


Feast - I like the top-down viewpoint and this was a quick sketch to get my idea down. Definitely something I will re-visit when I have more time.


Bonfire - Mixed watercolour and watercolour pencil, another attempt to master these new materials!


Home - ' where the heart is'.  We've moved our family from England to New Zealand recently and this phrase was never so true! Moving our family has underlined to me that 'Home' is so much more than bricks and mortar.


Day 8 - Gathering


Gathering berries to make jam - yummm! I used a brushpen and tried to get a contrast in line weight to show light and shadow.

9 - Season



Watercolour pencil & brush pen.

10 - Chill


Watercolour pencils again & some watercolour. I like some of the textures I got on the snowflakes, but it was quite laborious! Still fun though!

11 - Tea


Watercolours and brush pen.

I love a good cuppa!

12- Apples


13 - Leaves


Two more additions, but still lagging behind! More watercolour experimentation and a leaf rubbing to take me back to my youth...

14 - Acorn


15 - Socks


Cosy toes! Watercolour on terrible terrible paper! It soaked through so quickly and practically fell apart. Will be investing in some watercolour paper asap.

16 - Boots


A quick fashion-style sketch.

17 - Family


The Cully family Ducks!

18 - Park


Sketch from a photo I took this year at the park.

19 - Spice


Simple line drawing of a pestle and mortar.

20 - Pie


Quick 10 min sketch of my apple pie and ice-cream - any excuse!

21 - Cabin


View from my imaginary wood cabin. watercolour pencil. Still trying to get the hang of it!

22 - Scarf


As it's now summer here in New Zealand, I thought I might try to come up with a bright scarf pattern. 

23 - Still


Just being. Pencil drawing.


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