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November Sketch-A-Day Challenge

November 30 Day-Sketch-A-Day Challenge


My name is Katrina Corral, a Los Angeles native and a newcomer to Austin, Texas. My dream is to really take on the role of a children's book illustrator thus here I am to improve my skill.

Although I started late my goals are:

  1. Catch up with all the prompts
  2. Once caught up, stay consistent with the Sketch-A-Day concept and submit something everyday.
  3. Shorten the time I spend on these sketches and devote about 30 minutes-at most an hour on them. 

So, let the posting begin!

November 1: Fall

When I think of fall I think of soft, warm clothes, crunchy leaves, and a chill breeze which I hoped to evoke here.


I work with pencil and ink the most so the most foreign tools that I used were the watercolor pencils and markers as shown here.


 I always start out with a pencil sketch and this time I decided to add color first before I laid down any ink. 


From there I continued to fill in the piece using the prismacolor markers first and then adding some watercolor markers over to give it a bit more grit or if I needed to adjust the color (as you can see with the background. 


In the end I was happy with the product especially the detailing in the knit scarf.  Although I do wish I would've picked a more fall like color for the background like a deep green or even a purple or a turqiouse.


November 2: Gourds

I love how people make beautiful pieces of art out of gourds which inspired me to repurpose a gourd into a home where the Gourd family resides. (Don't you think Gourd could be a fun last name?) 


For this piece I went slightly out of my comfort zone and used pencil, ink, and watercolor pencils. I've found that even though this piece is bright and quaint I realized that I gravitate towards bolder and darker colors. This was quite the challenge as I tried to keep the Gourd's home nice and bright.


 I started with a pencil sketch then outlined everything in ink.



From there I worked on watercoloring one color at a time like the gourd itself. 



I then added water and found that in order to make this bright and rich I needed to fill it in quite a bit so I figured next time I'll stick with regular watercolors if I want a deeper color.


Finally, the process was repeated all around and here's the finished product:


 November 3: Colors


 November 4: Hay


 November 5: Feast

Huge feast for the mothra!


 November 6: Bonfire


 November 7: Home

Home sweet home in Austin.


 November 8: Gathering

A cheesy gathering for tiny mice.



 November 9: Season

Winter, spring, summer, fall


 November 10: Chill

Because we all like to...


 November 11: Tea 

Nothing like some cold tea to put a spring in your step


 November 12: Apples

Apples galore!


 November 13: Leaves


 November 14: Acorn


 November 15: Socks


 November 16: Boots


 November 17: Family


Day 1-Sketchook Magic



My name is Katrina Corral, a Los Angeles native and a newcomer to Austin, Texas. My current goals are to receive an MS in library science because I love literature (but second to art) and my dream is to really take on the role of a children's book illustrator.

My goals throughout this class is to overcome that fear Ria mentioned by being consistent and more disciplined in creating art every single day. 

Day 2

For day 2 I chose "what's in front of me" from the magic bowl along with a Noor Hardtmuth Magic pencil.



Below is the view of what was in front of me. I've been working on patterns lately and fortunately there was little pattern to work with here so this was a nice break from repetitive details. 


In the end I really enjoyed the unpredictable color change with the pencil. It really did make me slow down while drawing due to the color change, especially with yellow. It was also nice to not be as precise, but I did feel as if I was forcing it a bit and trying to make it precise like with the pen in the stationery holder as well as the little notes of paper in the bowl. Ultimately while working with this material I found that when I let go of trying to make a clear, distinct, and precise line you get something a little bit more fun like with the keys on the keyboard. 



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