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Dawn Brundige

The expert in anything was once a beginner



November Flowers

Hi All,

I am very excited to get going on this class. I took the previous class and loved it. I am eager to build on the skills I learnt previously.

First off, I choose November as my month for my Calender. I have a November birthday so I am always a big fan of this month, lol. I decided to create a moodboard to solidify the style, colours and theme I wanted to portray. Over in the UK, the 5th is Bonfire night, so I think I want to incorperate some kind of firework/sparkler element. I also like the idea of peonies and succulents. We will see! Ill be working on the final colour palette next!


For my colour palette, I used a combination of sourcing from the images and the colour palettes provided within certain images. I may do a little tweak here and there, maybe even adding some watercolour textures in similar shades.



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