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November Days of Sketching #novsketchbookmagic

Nov 14: Acorn


Nov 13: Leaves


Nov 12: Apples

If there's one thing the November Sketchbook Magic teaches me aside from the daily practice, is to pause and look, really observe what a thing is and what makes it so. This is the 3rd apple I've painted since October and I don't think I've paid attention to apples that much even if we have an apple tree, and not even from the fact that I've sorted, peeled and cooked hundreds of them.


Nov 11: Tea

Went to Victoria, BC with my mom almost 10 years ago and it was our first time to have Afternoon Tea at the Empress Hotel. This was the teacup we had during the service.


Nov 10: Chill

I just realized I have to get started making holiday cards to mail. Testing out some ideas.



Nov 9: Seasons

Catching up on the challenges. I was going to draw something else, but it seemed more appropriate to draw a poppy on Remembrance Day. Lest we forget the battles fought for our freedem, then and now.


Nov 8: Gathering

Gathering almost always includes food, and there's no better way than to sit down for a relaxing, no-time-limit meal with good company.

Also, forks are hard to draw.


Nov 7: Home

Vancouver, my home.


Nov 6: Bonfire

More like a firepit, from the same feast from yesterday. I discovered I'm really bad at painting fire. Eep.


Nov 5: Feast

I started sketching a photo I took from one farm-to-table feast I attended last summer and pretty quickly I realized just how many wine glasses there were so it's taking a while to finish it, but I'm posting what I have so far.


Nov 4: Hay

As soon as I started working on the details of the face I regretted picking the horse eating hay to draw. I'm barely threading through the scary waters of working with facial proportions. The mind knows exactly how they should look like and the hand needs to catch up on how to do it. I finally arrived at an acceptable sketch I am happy with. That sounds awful, I know. I'm letting my inner critic speak.


Nov 3: Color

I love color and I love doodling the same thing with variations. Sometimes they're fluffy commas.


Nov 2: Gourds

I'm still learning how to not mess up my pencil sketches once I start adding watercolour. The little grooves and bumps did not translate well into the finished sketch. Oops.

I used to hate eating squash as a kid and I've since turned to a more positive outlook about them since then.


Nov 1: Fall

We have a backyard apple tree that stresses me out in the fall, when Vancouver turns into the rain central of the Pacific Northwest and cleaning/sweeping fallen leaves becomes futile. Yard work is hard work and while I love apples, seeing the mess leaves me (pun!) even bluer on a gray day. It's times like this that I focus on the beauty of what causes me grief and turn it into something good. Something better. These are some of the leaves taunting me. I turn apple leaves into apple drawings.



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