November Challenge, a Sketch a Day Return to Art

I have recently sold my online business of selling antiques and collectibles.  


35 years ago, my passion was decorative art (tole painting) I loved learning the different folk art techniques.  I soon wanted to branch out and not just "copy" art, I wanted to create original artwork.  

I moved to Oregon and for a year attended a workshop involving many local watercolor artists.  I think I was intimidated because I just quit going.  I haven't picked up a brush for 3 years.  Until today.

So, that's my first project up there.  I started with an old stencil brush and found a palette of dried out watercolor paint. 

I've always wanted to start a sketchbook and then keep it up.  I'm enjoying the class immensly.  Thank you.


Day 3 for me.


I decided to sketch.  For not swishing a pencil around in years, I'm pretty encouraged.   After viewing the teachers video and her statement that she goes back often to add to a previous sketch, I did that also on day 3.


I enjoy barns and like to paint/sketch them.  I had started this who knows when.  I came in and pencil sketched over my watercolor sketch. 

Thank you again.  I'm really enjoying this.  I think I'm moving a little slower than others, but I understand that is ok.

Day 4.  My days are sometimes 48 and 72 hours.  I love drawing/painting/photographing chickens.  


Day 5....Decided to actually pick up a brush.  Did a pencil sketch and then did a bit of wash.  Love the shapes of pumpkins.  This is a favorite of mine..a Cinderella.   Having fun remembering how to paint.  



An apple a day.  Fruit are great subjects for sketching..unless they start to move..


And another chicken.  I think I will call this class complete.  I've really enjoyed it.  


For the first day of the challenge, the word was Fall.  Of course the season comes to mind for me.  I love all the fruits and vegetables of the season.  My sketches today were very hurried as I have company coming and I'm preparing dinner....I would not miss the first day however...The dumpling squash has a skin that is mottled like leopard skin.  I could take hours, but...



Day two of the 30 day challenge...Gourds...I'd already sketched the two gourds I had in the house so I turned to the internet for inspiration.   An art teacher once told me that if you didn't have an actual item to draw/paint, never to use a "fake" one..ie, never use artificial fruit or ceramic pieces...Photos are best if you don't have the real thing.

Photo I found on Google..


My sketch..


Day Three!  Colors...Rushed this and I'm not very happy with it..but, I did it and love that I am not quitting.


Day four of the 30 day sketching challenge...subject is Hay.   Again I go to Pinterest for inspiration.

Hay bales and barn.


Day 5 of 30 day sketch challenge.  "Feast"  Tonight, we will be feasting on Salmon.


Kind of disappointed in my work.  I think I'm trying to be a little too perfect.  And, I'm far from it.  Enjoying the challenge...will not give up.

Day 6.  I made it this far.   I just tried to relax today and not try to be a Van Gogh.  


I used ink today for the first time.  I needed to buy it for another class I'm taking here on Skillshare.  

Day 7...my son's birthday..busy day, but I won't quit now.


Prompt today was Home.  I know this is simple, but it's really true..and I was really pushed for time and decided that the first thing that came to mind would be the choice.

Day 8.  Another day full of company, cooking and church and travel..and I still made time to sketch a gathering...a gathering of blossoms...


Hopefully this week will settle and I'll be able to devote more time into the sketches.  I am determined to complete the challenge.

Seasoning...Spice up my life?  Fresh herbs from my garden.  Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.  


I cannot believe how fast this month is going.  So glad I decided to commit to this excercise.  Look forward to it daily.

November 10th already..and Ria wants us to "Chill"


Having fun today!  

Day 11.  Prompt was Tea...


Tea always tastes better out of a proper cup.

November 12, Apples


Being a decorative artist, apples are required.  

I chose the noun...Leaves, ones I found around the house..in and out..


I look forward to the prompt every day now..hopefully, I'll get into the swing of completing my other Skillshare classes.

November 14th,  Acorn


From the tiny acorn, grows the Might Oak!

November 15th, Sock..so, technically a sock is also a stocking, right?


I'm hoping Santa will fill my stocking with all kinds of new and exciting art supplies.

November 16...Boots..we are over the hump..


Santa's Boots...hopefully he will visit me and bring me my wishes..

November 17th...Family..


I left our real names out...I made a Family Tree.  

November 18th.  Really enjoyed the AMA today.  Prompt was Park..


Very quick sketch..amusement park.  

Made my cranberry sauce for next week.  Spice.  They were sitting out so...


I'm enjoying looking at everyone's project.  I'll be traveling all day tomorrow.  I may finally miss a day..

Made it home with time to spare.  November 20th.  Pie...


Will be baking this in a couple of days.  Homemade pumpkin pie...

November 21, Cabin


Not thrilled with this..but there it is..

November 22, Scarf is the word.


Years ago, one the first gifts my DIL gifted me with was a Pashmina.  I fell in love with it.  Now, I have many, last count, over 20.  I wear them everywhere.  This is one of my favorites.  Embroidered flowers on a finely worven mixed blend.

November 23.....Still


Be still and listen to the season.

Today it was Snuggle...well, I was stumped.  So.....


I snuggled some cream cheese filling into my Pumpkin Cake Roll that I made for Thanksgiving.  Don't get much snugglier than that.

November 24th, Hat...


My favorite hat style..Cloche.   I would have done more, but I'm super busy getting ready for tomorrow...I'll add some color to these later..

Thanksgiving Day 2015....And, Teacher says "warm".  oh, my...  how many family get togethers go beyond "warm".  Thankfully, today was a very pleasant, friendly and tasty get together.   Maybe, my silent soul is reaching out beyond this with my interpretation of "warm".


Rest easy, enjoy the night.  Hopefully everyone survived the day.

November 27th...Coat..


My favorite winter coat.  Black wool,, double breasted with a velvet lined hood.  It's 26 degrees here this morning.  I need this..



Love the gaudy colors of Chinese lanterns.  Almost to the end of this great project!  

November 29.....full...and I am full, but I was really challenged on what to sketch..so....


What fun this has been.  I only hope I can continue to sketch everyday.

November 30th.  Giving Thanks.  No question...many thanks to Ria for the challenge and the encouragement.   Looking forward to her next class



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