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November 30-Day Sketch-A-Day

Hi everyone,

I am a little behind, since I am starting the challenge on Nov 3rd. But no worries I'll get back on track soon. 

Day 1- "Fall"

For this one I thought of what does fall mean to me, and how would I sum that up in one sketch. Basically leafs are fall's main character. And oh boy, do I love to have fun making leafs angels :). 

My favorite mediums are watercolors and ink. I also love handlettering so I try to incorporate in my illustrations whenever I can.

Here is a work in progress preview:


And here is the final version:


Hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.

Day 2- "Gourds"

Really happy about this one, as gourds are somewhat magical to me. I have always seen them as nice places where small creatures would live. 

This sketch relates to the magic of gourds, and is made using just ink.


Day 3- "Colors" 

With this one I stepped out of the autumn, fall area, and thought of summer, with all its richness, and colorful people, and sceneries. Autumn is also so much full of color, but somehow, the topic brought this into my mind: kites. Actually the one I made, includes some traditional Romanian motifs (I am from Romania, Bucharest). 


Day 4 - "Hay"

In Romania's villages, during summer's end, there is hay in almost every household. People gather it to feed their stocks, and kids love to play around it, hide and seek. The sketch I made is an illustration of a typical Romanian village during summer's end.



Day 5 - "Feast"

For me brunch is the feast-est part of the day. Not sure this is normal, but this is the time of day I know I can feast as much as I want, and still have time to digest it by nightfall.



Day 6 - "Bonfire"

Foxes enjoying a fire, well why not? I am inlove with watercolors, and drawing foxes, so here it is. My sketchbook's paper is not proper for watercolor use, but I am still using the technique.



Day 7 - "Home"

Home for me is making pancakes in the morning, for me and my special one. Also home is where I can wear pjs all day, and be greeted in the morning by my loving half with hugs and kisses.



Day 8 - "Gathering"

The most often gathering I see around, are people in subs. I travel a lot by sub, when there is no way for me to reach by foot, so this is a scenario I see almost on a daily basis:


Day 9 - "Season"

This is a cartoonish approach to self portrait, during seasons. I started with a sketch in pencil, then outlining with ink, and finished with watercolors. 



Day 10 - "Chill"

Here is also chilly these days, as we head straight to winter season. My favorit method of chilling during chilly times, is turn up the heat, put some wool socks on, and read a good book. With a cup of tea, or hot chocolate, of course.

The method I used is the same: pencil, ink and finish with watercolors.



Day 11 - "Tea"

Tea is always a good idea. I personally love the most having black tea with a bit of milk each day. Also my morning routine is having a cup of green tea to get me going for the rest of the day. I don't drink coffee, tea is the boost I need :)


Day 12: "Apples"

You're the apple of my eye, how many times haven't you said that to the dear ones? 


Day 13: "Leaves"

I chose the noun, and not the verb, because usually I am sad when someone leaves. This is a sketch of some actual plants I have around my house.


Day 14: "Acorn"

Be it small, but it is mighty and strong indeed. I see it as a real foundation for the forest's mysteries.


Day 15: "Socks"

I saw the funny side of this one: cat with socks


Day 16: "Boots"

Boots go well with rain. I could not leave my house on a rainy day without my awesome boots.


Day 17: "Family"

Families live in houses, or flats. Whenever I see some flats, or houses, I instantly think of families. 


Day 18: "Park"

Parks remind me of people walking their pets. 


Day 19: "Spice"

Spices: I could not live without them.


Day 20: "Pie"

Everyday is a wonderful day for pie, isn't it?


Day 21: "Cabin"

Most of the cabins I know are near a forest, or in the middle of one. 


Day 22: "Scarf"

I got my big scarf for the winter.


Day 23: "Still"

Stillness can be fun too.


Day 23: "Snuggle"

I love to snuggle.


Day 25: "Hat"

In love with hats, the madder the better.


Day 26: "Warmth"

During winter the heater is my best friend.


Day 27: "Coat"

Wool coat is a traditional thing for Romanian shepherds. 


Day 28: "Laterns"

These are not a tradition in my country, so I had to look it up first, to see if there is something special about it.


Day 29: "Full"

Yep, full from all this holiday food.


Day 30: "Giving Thanks!"



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