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November 30-Day Sketch-A-Day Challenge

November 30-Day Sketch-A-Day Challenge

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Day 4-6:


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sketchbook magic (October 24 - 31)

Day 1:

I knew I would get wrapped up in amassing a handful of random interesting supplies and use it as an excuse to vascilate and procrastinate.  Instead I forced myself to quickly chose things I would not normally work with and am not 100% comfortable with.  For the sketchbook I pulled out a long format pad of canvas paper.  The first page had a wash of diluted acrylic paint form months ago when I promised myself I would make a ton of abstract painting sketches.  I NEVER work with tiny burshes, I noticed that the other day.  So today I decided to work with just one teeny tiny brush.  The black in was sitting on my work table for weeks because I kept promising I would make something with it any day now.  I decided today was that day.  I rounded it out with something else I bought ages ago and never used: alcohol-based metal patina, as well as a spray bottle of alcohol as a solvent.


Day 2:

Just as I was finishing the video for today I looked out my window and saw some amazing clouds.  My windows face a lake, the ocean, and plenty of trees, and are wide enough to enjoy a panoramic view of clouds (cloud watching is my obsession).  I decided to keep using the black ink and picked two crayons before choosing a random prompt. 

  • prompt: what's in front of me (the best cloud watching)
  • materials: watercolor paper, ink, water, crayons

What I enjoyed most: 2 things (is that cheating?) 1) having the opportunity to really look at the beautiful clouds, observe the color and edge variations, and slowly watch them change before my eyes during the course of my paining. 2) praticing negative painting for the bright edges of the clouds.  What caught my eye about the sky this morning was the contrast dark areas with much lighter areas.

The end result is far from perfect and I wouldn't display it but I would never have pushed myself to even try something like this outside this class and I'm really glad I did.


Day 3:

  • materials: black in, water, large flat brush, #1 round brush, rubbing alcohol
  • time: 4 minutes
  • propmt: flowers (an extra of my own that I added to the magic cup of prompts)

how did it fee?  Having such a limited time felt amazing, I completely let go of any need to make my piece look good.  The time limit made me think "you don't have time to worry about how good it is, just DO anything."  I have a daily drawing practice and so many days I leave it to the last minute of the day and dread the whole thing.  I decided to use 2 dice now to decide a time limit for my drawing and whatever comes out is great, better done than perfect (and it never IS perfect).




Day 4:

  • materials: ink brush pen, liquid watercolors, water, large mop brush
  • time: 4 min.
  • location: desk

how did location affect my work? it was interesting that the fortune teller turned up my desk as the location, that's where I've been working every day so that aspect didn't change.  In that way it seems like location didn't influence my work, but it probably did because by being in the same place I've been working on all the challenges it kept me in whatever mindset I was already in about the class.  Next time if I get the same location again I'll start over with the fortune teller ;)


Day 5:

I worked on my day 4 page some more. I think I'll keep working this page for a few days.  Used die to set time limit.

  • time: 4 min
  • number drawn: 12 -> 12 more days of sketchbook magic it is!


Day 6:

  • time: 8 min.
  • prompt: sea creatures
  • I painted some little jellyfish over my day 3 'flowers' page. 


Day 7:

not feeling it today, so I just magic-ed my time and messed around with more liquid watercolors that were already on my palette for 3 minutes.  The plan is to use this page again tomorrow and keep adding to it.



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