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November 30-Day Sketch-A-Day Challenge

Hi Everyone,

My name is Jeri. I'm born and raised in Hawaii. I'm married to my best friend, David and we're in our first full year as empty nesters. A fun new adventure for us. We have two adult sons, a daughter-in-law, a future daughter-in-law, a 4-year-old grandson, and a newborn grandson as of November 3rd. Our pup is my constant companion. This year I am reconnecting with the little girl in me and rediscovering a love for art in a more soulful way. I'm in the basic stages and loving it. I'm excited to be inspired and motivated by Ria and everyone's different projects.

November 30-Day Sketch-A-Day Challenge

(uploaded in order of most current day)

Day 18 - Park (realized after posting I need to do Day 17 of Family...)

This is image popped in my head when I read the prompt "Park". It's from last year at the park. We went to play basketball with him and our son. When, this little one got caught up in watching the worms crawl by. Standing to crouching to laying on the court in wonder. It was so cute because the other people there were so taken, they watched for a short while, and then moved over to other courts to give him room for his moment. How amazing is that?. 


Day 16 - Boots

So far, I had one day where we had light boot weather. Today, is a day for rainboots. I really like boots. These are my favorite casual ones. 


Day 15 - Socks

Fluffy and soft or thin and smooth. Socks are fun.


Day 14 - Acorn

I was just about to draw up some acorns when I realized I had never seen one. So, I went to the fridge and got out our acorn squash instead. 


Day 13 - Leaves

This word puts visions of crisp fall breezes blowing those falling leaves through the air. Or even little blossoms falling from trees like a flower shower.


Day 12 - Apples

Sliced apples and almond butter rolled in granola. Oh and apple pie. I'm getting hungry now. No apples in sight today. So I turned to my Draw 500 things from nature book and found some apples there.


Day 11 - Tea

I do enjoy a mid-day or afternoon tea time. The little things make it so nice. Like a cute teapot and a sweet teacup set.


Day 10 - Chill ( I truly couldn't think of a sketch. Then I looked at my phone)

It only gets so cold in Hawaii. Parts of my island gets to 54º. The normal coldness for our area will fluctuate from 68º - 73º. We do get to 64º at times. Yes, I know you all are laughing because that'd be warm for you. Problem for us is that it can rise to the 80's on an occasional winter day, cool to the low 70's and that's when everyone gets sick. 


Day 9 - Season

Fall puts visions of hot cocoa and pumpkin pie time with our grandson. He loves pumpking pie. Oh and don't even get him started on how many marshmallows he wants in his cocoa. Ha! Ha! 


Day 8 - Gathering

We love the rain. Walks in the rain. Watching our grandson splash in puddles. This is what I saw in my mind that touched my heart. We 3 in the rain. Gathering under our umbrella. Usually our pup huddles right up against our legs. Smart pup.


Day 7 - Home

To greet us when we get home. To greet our now grown boys and their loves when they come back home for visits.


Day 6 - Bonfire

My bonfire kept looking more like a campfire. So I went with it. The last time I was at a bonfire was at least two decades ago. And it was hot! Campfires hold some fond memories of being at the beach with my friends from church. 


Day 5 - Feast

My soul feasts on words full of life and encouragement. This is my sacred space created for just that purpose. Breathing room for my soul. 


Day 4 - Hay

I have only seen hay from a distance. Not to much hay bales to be seen in Hawaii. But, on our trips filled with long scenic drives I've been amazed by beautiful fields and farms. 


Day 3 - Colors

Colors are amazing. They way the affect my mood. From creating warmth and welcome in our home to creating stories in art.  I have yet to experiement with watercolors. So I bought this field kit as my starter. To dreams coming true in colors.


Day 2 - Gourds

Those mini gourds always get me. We get a few or many to scatter across the front porch and stairs. The past 4 years has been even more special with our grandson here. I love how he rearranges them or inspects them closely. It's as if he's trying to take in all the wonder. I learn from him.


Day 1: Fall

Beanies and boots. Crisp cooling air. Leaves floating and falling. Long shadows. Spices and warm foods.   Cinnamon and vanilla in my coffee. Fall is my favorite season because of how it calls my soul to slow. Everything else follows.



September Class: Ordinary Magic - Daily Sketch-A-Day projects

Day 1 - Dots, Dashes, and lines


Hi Everyone,

My name is Jeri. I'm born and raised in Hawaii. I'm married to amazing David and we're in our first full year as empty nesters. A fun new adventure for us. We have two adult sons, a daughter-in-law, a future daughter-in-law, a 4-year-old grandson, and another grandson arriving in November. Our pup is my constant companion.

Project: I really was hoping to pick my plastic knife. Ha ha.  I have never officially used my watercolor pens. Lately, I've been into different types of lines, mostly wavy lines. I'm also noticing dots and circles.  I'm a complete newbie and  I'm excited to find my home in the art world. 

Day 2 - What's in front of me


I picked a charcoal pencil and had a little fun. I'm into the idea of picking prompts out of a container. So, I might just be adding a few of my own to RiaSharon's sweet mix.

Day 3 - Food


I grabbed both, so I just went with it. Soy latte in my new cup from David and Silk Vanilla yogurt with Chocolate hazelnut granola. Shaky, but so fun to try and draw. 

Day 4 - Flower {Daisy}


I picked the flower prompt out of my container which was perfect. My shoulders are healing up from an injury so my son and his girlfriend brought me daisies. One of the daisies stood shined brighter than the others. I used colored pencils gifted to me to try and put it on paper. Drawing on our new boho loveseat brought back the soul good emotions I attached to those flowers and the ones who gave them to me. From there was the perfect view of that bouquet no longer there. 

Day 5 - I0 more days of creating here


When I saw my books listed in the class project section, I got even more excited to do art. I've had a desire to learn to use colors and ordered my water color field kit and water color pencils...awhile ago. No excuses now. Time to play and enjoy.

I finally did my intuitive doodling. I played my favorite worship song and in my "diced" time, this came out. Closed my eyes part of the time too. It was amazingly freeing. I look forward to coloring it up.

Day 6 - More art making


I've been seeing owls a lot this fall season. For some reason they are cuter than ever. I love that I can come back to this and work on it little by little. Inspired by some bowls and a pillow David got for me.

Day 7 (a day later) - More Art and Inspiration


Forced rest for my shoulders had me making no art yesterday. But, because of that I noticed all kinds of inspiration around our home. Gathered those up for ideas. On tissue boxes, curtain patterns, dishes, even our bedding. 

Day 8 - More Art and Leaf Practice


I am swooning over all the fall leaves people are capturing. Even our mailers have them. I couldn't wait for today to start doodling. When I woke up and my shoulders were rest, I knew what I was going to be creating today. I had so much fun. Inspired by one of our fall season bowls and my 'Draw 500 Things From Nature' book.

Day 9 - Let the coloring begin - Intuitive doodling


Closed my eyes and picked colored pencils. I loved discovering that I could create patterns with the colors.I think this will keep my creatively invested for a good while. (our lighting turns paper brown or yellow. It's actually white paper)

Day 10 - Doodling while I wait


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