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Novelist's Procrastination Clock

Well, I'm not a novelist...yet. But I have a few manuscripts that are laying around that I plan on finishing one day. It just doesn't seem to get done very quickly...all masterpieces take time, right?

I've noticed that when I've tried to seriously work on my writing, that I have this odd, but strong perfectionist urge to spend most of the day thinking about the ideals of writing, planning everything out in my head, carefully envisioning the setting and characters...and doing odd jobs that aren't remotely related to writing. From this experience was formed the design for this clock, which will hopefully keep me on the correct writing time schedule of procrastination. The clock is a mess...because that is what the day typically turns into as I try to avoid the actual act of writing.

For the viewer: to give it some semblance of order, please begin with the term "WAKE," work you way clockwise, from outside of the clock to the inside. :)


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