Novel Marketing Game Plan

Novel Marketing Game Plan - student project

Who am I? In my daily life I make an effort to communicate as precisely as I can. I am very diligent in my work, I am reliable and I have been described as very trustworthy.

What do I have to offer? I am very good at spotting grammatical and spelling errors and I can also create artwork related to my stories.

Merge 'em! I could use my communication skills to edit other writers' manuscripts and possibly create promo art for other writers. 

Where will I post my content? I plan to post my content on Instagram and Facebook. I may use Pinterest as well.

When will I post my content? I plan to post once daily Monday through Friday.

How will I spread the word about myself? Once I grow my mailing list, I plan to send out excerpts of my manuscript to build anticipation for my novel's release. I will also create my own promotional artwork such as character portraits and banners in the months leading up to publication.