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Nov. 30-Day Sketch Challenge (Creative Sofa)

Nov. 30: Giving Thanks!

I was really inspired by the wonderful words of Chelsea Lee Smith of because she has taken all the things we all like to moan about and turned them on their head… as things we should be grateful for. Thanks for reminding me and many others to take a moment to appreciate the things many of us take for granted! Next time I have the urge to  complain about these trivial things these words will be popping into my head. I thought it would be great fun to have a bash at illustrating some of these elements… as pencil sketches with digital colour.


Nov. 29: Full

Yes that would be my head/mind! Full of endless to-dos, to-buy, to make, to organise, to remember etc so I created this picture with a brush pen and then coloured it in Brushes Redux on the ipad. I am sure a lot of you can relate to this!


Nov. 28: Lanterns

Well I am feeling Christmassy… so some carol singers with lanterns will fit the theme nicely. Painted with my really handy mini watercolour set with tiny 'push together' brush, which is fantastic until the brush end falls off and splats paint in the middle of my picture!


Nov. 27: Coat


Nov. 26: Warmth

Some nice toasty feet and chesnuts roasting on an open fire… etc


Nov. 25: Hat

A dog in a hat! Pencil Sketch first then on the ipad with Painter Redux.


Nov. 24: Snuggle

Suggested by my 6 year old, two teddies cuddling with a heart. Here it is…


Nov. 23: Still

For all those parents out there, a sleeping child… calm, peaceful and still. So cute when they sleep with their bums in the air! Little ideas for a moon sleeping baby and a cat too!


Nov. 22: Scarfs

Cold penguins in scarfs today, started with a pencil sketch, then thought I'd give it a go on some black paper with a white pen, umm not sure it worked too well!


Nov. 21: Cabin

Another little pencil sketch today. Wanted to add the 3 bears but not enough time!


Nov. 20: Pie

A pencil sketch of a little pastry chef inspired by a vintage book cover. I sketched first in my 'non scan' blue pencil which clearly didnt work!


Nov. 19: Spice

A Christmas theme one today with pen and ink.


Nov 18: Park

A little doggie + people sketch with pastel pencils on a 'crock pot composting bag', well why not, no need for expensive kit eh!?


Nov 17: Family

The most difficult by far! I know you didn't necessarily have do your own family but I decided to give it a go. A 'finger' sketch on the ipad (seeing as my daughter broke my stylus, thank you darling!) I tried to go for more realistic which is more difficult for me. Not sure about the lips, a bit odd I think.


Nov 16: Boots

I really liked the 'leaf girl' I did a few days ago so I thought she could now be jumping in puddles in her welly boots. Pen and ink drawing again, using only one colour as before, but adding more shading this time.


Nov. 15: Socks

Only a few minutes to spare today so some quick ideas for socks drawn in biro and ink, including some bears, catapillars and very odd elephants!


Nov. 14: Acorn

As I already covered acorn for the "Autumn" category I was feeling a bit lazy and decided to rework my acorn people idea in pen and ink.


Nov. 13: Leaves

I have made this one really simple… I've just drawn the outlines with a micron pen then I was really excited to start using my Pantone Inks again and I just chose a single colour. Really love how this has turned out!


Nov. 12: Apples

I have decided that it makes more sense to put the latest sketches first! My apples are drawn using pantone inks and a brush pen. However I must say my red apples ended up using some orange/yellow from my palette and do look a bit like oranges or peaches now!


Nov. 11: Tea

For today's sketch I have tried "Brushes Redux" app again… I think this seems to be my favourite sketching app. I seem to spend longer sketching digitally than I would on plain old fashioned paper. Paper is still the best!


Nov. 10: Chill

A pencil sketch of a poor stressed reindeer buying his Christmas tree… "Just Chill".


Nov. 9: Season

As we are in Autumn with all the fun of halloween here's my halloween themed picture.


Nov. 8: Gathering
Some markers and pantone pens again today for my 'social gathering'.


Nov. 7: Home

A pencil sketch today, how about a tree for the 'home' theme?


Nov. 6: Bonfire
Another attempt at "Sketches" drawing app this time with some more success for the bonfire theme! I did sketch in good old fashioned pencil and paper first though!


Nov. 5: Feast

Some yummy cakes for this one. Once again I thought I'd try out a new drawing app "Photoshop Sketches". I only really quickly explored this app, so there may be lots I have not discovered, but found it really tricky to work with, not very flexible and limited in export options. Then my final file was corrupt, so here is a screen grab.


Nov. 4: Hay

The hay didn't inspire me too much so I spent more time on a little mouse sitting in the hay. This time I worked with the "Sketches" app which I found a little frustrating as I couldnt seem to adjust the brush sizes small enough for some areas.


Nov. 3: Colours

Out come my pantone markers and pilot pens for this one. I thought I'd start with various bright coloured circles and add some details to make each one into something different. Really like the way this has turned out.


Nov. 2: Gourds

Some pumpkin and soup for this one. I used a brushpen and some watercolour pencils for this just on some sketchbook paper, hence it buckled a bit.


Nov. 1: Fall

OK so I only discovered this class about 4 days after it started so I am a little behind but catching up now finally.

I decided on acorns, pinecones and leaves for this one and made them into little fairies/people.

I sketched with paper and pencil first and then tried out the "Brushes Redux" app. Not entirely happy with the results and I probably preferred my pencil sketches as I seem to have lost the acorn-ness somewhere along the way!



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