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Nov. 06. 2015 / My Envelope Manifesto

Hi Adam thank you so much for this soul journey!

I have forgotten how much fun it can be to create.

When I was writing my list it was so easy to brainstorm countless words. I actually made a few drafts in the process! I really enjoyed reflecting on what matters to me. It reminded me that even through difficult times in life some of these values will be present. I think it will be very rare to be in a situation without at least one of my values.

Creating the scribbles and ripping things apart reminded me, life can be frustrating. I've been stressed with school essays so I really enjoyed letting that out on paper. I was visualizing the professor who seemed so strict. She's trying to teach us critical skills for the world, but it made me feel like I wasn't good enough. I guess picturing her centered my rage towards the world! I'm so over these money systems of exploitation! Unfortunately money does indeed get us through life. 

Ripping things reminded me, even if something seems difficult in the moment, it too will fly away.

I got so attached to my money! I wasn't ready to give anything up. In Canada our bills start at $5. We have loonies and toonies for $1-2. Instead of a bill I decided to pull out the train reciepts I collect. I travel on the train everyday for school and it's expensive. I enjoyed writing on something that's usually a frustrating sight to see. Money flying away right? 

Finding an object to give away was challenging. It took some time to look around my room. My parents are split and I saw the note with my dads work number. There isn't going to be a need where i'll want to call him at work so I put that in my envelope. It reminded me that my life is different now and gears are shifting. If i ever do need the number I can bust open my envelope haha.

I did a little doodle on the back, knowing things change. The balloon stands for keeping light and flying away. it's great knowing that people like you exist!

I really enjoyed looking at the project gallery too. It's like we're all sharing our authenticity.

My humor deparment needs work but hey I'm trying!

It's what aliens from outer-space have to do. jk? haha

Have a good one <3


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