NourishMel Living - My Brand

NourishMel Living - My Brand - student project

I'm Melissa and I am a health coach who targets women because my brand believes that all of us women are in control of our own health and it is our sole responsibility to live with purpose.

I empower my female clients to live strongly with intention, love and awareness through my 3 solutions:

1. Wellness (Having the knowledge to realign oneself and gain balance in health)

2. Self Love (Being able to accept ourselves where-ever we are)

3. Intention ( To live life with an intended purpose in order to empower the world)

Values from emotional and functional benefits include:

1. Health

2. Support

3. Exploration


When women are able to take charge of their health, they are in a stronger position to help their loved ones and others. They would be more confident, purposeful and would be able to save on unnecessary financial healthcare burdens in the future.