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Nourish Your Body - Kitchen Chalkboard

I'm a huge fan of Lauren Hom and Daily Dishonesty, so when I saw this class in my email inbox I was absolutely ecstatic! 

I really wanted to go out and buy chalkboard paint as soon as I enrolled, but my boyfriend is a bit paranoid about painting in our rented apartment. I bought a 24"x36" chalkboard for the space instead. 

I'll be lettering in the space between my kitchen and work space. You can see the wall I'll be using in the picture below. I'm thinking of having the chalkboard placed vertical to the right of the outlet. The space on the left of the outlet will be reserved for more framed artwork as I collect it. :)


I chose the words "Nourish Your Body" as a reminder to eat well, go outside often, practice yoga, and meditate.

I'm sure everyone understands how easy it is to get stuck to the computer and forget to take care of yourself, so I hope that having this reminder near my workspace will have a big positive impact on my life!

I've got a couple Pinterest boards that will help me out with inspiration for this class. Check out my boards Typography & Hand-Lettering and Vintage Packaging to see my influences! I've recently pinned some things from Designspiration, Type Everything, and Type Hunting there.

I really like ligatures and big swashes, so I want to include those in this piece. I've also played around with adding fruits like lemons, limes and watermelon to my composition. The little flourishes on either side are representative of water. I'm imagining the final piece in different colours so these details are distinguishable.



Initial sketches - the first in pen, the second in Crayola marker :)



Cloth to the left, little bowl of water to the right. I erased a whole bunch of times before working off of the sketch you see here! I'm glad afterall to be starting out smaller than I'd initially hoped - this is hard!


Reworked the placement and spacing a little bit here. Starting to make some lines thicker and erase guides.


Here's a closeup of the mess I'm working with! :p


This is where I am so far with refining the letterforms and thickening up the lines.


I made most of the lines thicker, particularly on the left side of all the letters. I also made the 'O' in "YOUR" wider to fix a pretty crazy gap issue.



So my initial decision was to include an inline on each letter instead of a dropshadow, but I decided to go crazy and do both!










Due to lack of planning and a quite a learning curve (going from paper to chalkboard), my final piece turned out a bit different than my initial rough sketch. I translated from more of a horizontal composition to a vertically-hung chalkboard, but now I have room for grocery lists / recipes at the bottom! :)

I'll post an updated shot once I've hung the board on the wall.

I had tons of fun and enjoyed the process! Thanks again for the awesome class, Lauren!


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