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Notion Homepage - student project

Notion Homepage - image 1 - student project

This is my current Notion set up. 

• At the top, I've decided to put a highlighted section for my daily goal. It is meant for an item that needs to be completed by the end of the day. 

• Quote section for good words and/or inspirational pictures like that cat that says "hang in there." but is definitely going to fall.

• An exciting to-do list with the highest priority item on top. 

• Under the "Life" section, are several pages. 2018 Goals are a collection of all my broken new year's resolutions. Travel Plans include a table for details (itinerary, places of interest like the nearest In-n-Out, etc). I've also included several checklists for packing because I tend to overpack and forget things. Education is an area that I take notes in for online classes (Skillshare, Udemy, etc). To buy is where I link things that I will most likely never buy or really shouldn't consider owning. Grocery list gets the most action here. 

• Notes/Reminders for things like 

• The work area is done in a simple kanban board style. Pages in this area contain more detailed kanban boards on the respective projects.


I use Notion more for personal needs/goals than anything else.  Before I would bounce around Notes, Google Drive, Trello, Slack, Gmail, calendar, etc. Now it's easier to focus. On my phone, I can quickly glance at what I need to do with minimal clicking and scrolling. The only downsides for me are the lack of google calendar syncing and Grammarly integration. Overall I think Notion is great and recommend anyone to give it a try.  

Krisjantzen Nario
Graphic Designer / Buffet Destroyer