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Nothing else matters (Quote t-shirt)

First I wanna say that I really loved the class.. Very inspiring and well explained! I'm planning to start a small brand and it was very usefull!

So, Let's talk about the project.
I like to take quotes from songs to get inspired to illustrate. I choose that one from a Mettalica song(Nothing Else matters).
Here are my first sketches:
(sorry the picture, my camera's phone is terrible)


I wasn't happy with then. I wanted to draw some element in the middle, so I tought a skull(that represents that everyone is the same under the meat) would fit well with this quote.

I've searched for old school tattoo style to get some inspiration:


And I did a new rough sketch:


I only did one thumbnail this time, cause I was already pretty happy with it.
Here are my illustration process:


After trace:


Final versions(untill now, cause I'll probably refine a little bit more and try some other colors):



I'll definitely make a screen print from this design( even if is only for me hehe), so I'll update when I print it on a real shirt!

If you guys get interesting to know a little bit more about my work, take a look at my instagram...I'm just starting using it so I wanna know some new people to follow :)

Thanks Steve! It was a really fun class!


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