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Nothing can dim the light which shines from within. - Maya Angelou

For the July Hand Lettering Challenge, I'm choosing Maya Angelou's quote "Nothing can dim the light which shines from within."

This is actually my second time doing the first class, but I never completely finished the project so I'm starting new with a brand new quote. And I'm totally going to finish this time!

I started with a small, but useful list of words (shout out to Lumi for the lightning bolt emoji stamp!):


My brainstorm list helped with my research for the project, which took lots of twists and turns throughout. My idea board changed probably 10 times before I had a final one I was happy with.


My first thought was to use a lighthouse, though I strayed a bit from that idea when thinking of the word 'light.' I really love the light letters in the OPEN sign - so I'll probably go more towards that direction. The sunburst mirror on the bottom right is also one of my favorites.

For color, I wanted to go with something bright, so my inspiration for that is the flower painting in the middle. I knew I wanted orange, so that painting was the perfect color inspiration. I also researched some other flower images to possibly incorporate as well.

And finally, I looked up some lettering ideas and added some of my favorites. I do calligraphy, so I'll likely include some of that into the piece.

Lettering Warm Up!


I chose the word 'light' for my lettering warm up since I felt that was the most flexible word of all the words in my quote. My personal favorite is the last one on the bottom right - reminds me of an old school soda can :) I might use some elements from this in my final sketch - we'll see!

You know how to write a word so many times and it starts to look like it's spelled wrong? That's how I felt by the end of this!

Excited to get started on some sketches!

Thumbnails.. Finally!

I'm a little behind schedule on these, but finally have some rough thumbnails sketched out. These were my initial ideas for layout:



I narrowed it down to 4 kind of okay thumbnail sketches. I think I'm going to do more refined versions of the square #3 and round #4. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

And onward..


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