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Nothing Stops Detroit

Hey guys, I'm Hayden (Hayden__Scott) on instagram.

Growing up I was always one of the art kids, the creative one. It wasn't until senior year of high school that I picked up my first camera. I went to college for graphic design but quickly became enthralled with Photography and made it my minor. Since then I have pushed and pushed my craft perfecting it the best i can. I love everything about photography and shoot anything that interests me. It has taken the front seat to graphic design for me. I love fashion photography and architectural as well. I have also learned and mastered a lot in the film world. Having shot two fashion magazine spreads and holding two photo intern positions I am well on my way to doing what I love. Living in metro Detroit, I am only a 15 minute drive from the city. This city has been a part of my life forver, my father has always worked downtown. The older I became, the more my interest in the city grew. Detroit has been through so much and has stood strong through all of it. Nothing has completely knocked it down. The people of the city love their city and stay there, trying to revive it. It is so rich in culture and amazing historical architecture. The city has become a haven for the younger age groups to move to and turn it into a great place to be. Sure it has bad reps for crime etc. but so does every place else, Detroit just never gets its positives put in the limelight. As far as shooting the city, I try to stick to architecture, people, and anything involving the positives. I try to stay away from all the "Ruin Porn" everyone shoots, Its so played out and all looks the same. I try my best to crop things perfectly and keep everything well balanced with perfect lighting conditions. If there is anything I hate, its a poorly cropped photo or one that isn't straight. NOTHING STOPS DETROIT!

Apologies for any poor image quality, as I had to downsize all of these 


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