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Nothing Posh label

Hello! my Name is Maia, I'm an advertising art director, but my love and passion is lettering design. I'm a total fan of our Rock star teacher Jon Contino, I think his work is unique and amazing and I'm truly glad to be able to peer into the kind of design he does. This is my first hand-drawn label creation, so be please be kind... thanks guys!


Nothing Posh is made up women's apparel company, inspired by stylish but unconventional women. Nothing Posh will focus on the creation of one of a kind typographic tees, hand crafted with organic materials. 

The style that defines Nothing Posh is urban, chic, casual and confident.

I think that the spirit of this company should be relaxed, witty, simple and always thinking to meet the needs of the urban woman.


For the Logo/label design I decided to go with something very organic, inspired by vintage hand-drawn labels. I used brush pens to create the lettering for the logo, also a series of ornaments to be used in the creation of the label and ultimately the tee design. I think that the use of a vintage inspired logo sets the tone of the brand, inspired by the past but unique at the same time.



Nothing Posh - image 1 - student project


Nothing Posh Logo & Tags:

Nothing Posh - image 2 - student project


Nothing Posh - image 3 - student project


Original Tees:

Nothing Posh - image 4 - student project

Nothing Posh - image 5 - student project


Logo sketches:

Nothing Posh - image 6 - student project

Nothing Posh - image 7 - student project

Maia Then
Art Director, Letterer & Calligraphy Rookie