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Nothing Less

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Alvin Castillo, Eric Evangelista and Jayson Icasiano

Bay Area, CA



Logo Inspiration
Our Logo and brand draws inspiration from the Greek/Roman Era, where philosophy, art, war, mythology and architecture were at its best. We chose to model the design in resemblance to Greek pillars which was the foundation of their architecture, being both used to display intricate and beautiful carvings while at the same token being used as the main support apparatus to hold up structures. These structures which have lasted throughout thousands of years, and are still standing throughout drastic weather changes, time, even outlasting civilizations.

In comparing our logo to these pillars, it can be viewed as the metaphorical representation of the core values and beliefs which our company stands for. Having a “Nothing Less” mind set and attitude, supports the foundation needed to build towards overcomimg obstables and struggles which life presents. While the simple, yet precisely carved designs on the pillars can be compared to our products and graphics being used as the main extension and outlet for our company’s message.

Our colors are black(#000000) and white(#FFFFFF), and does not at all represent the balance between good and evil, or the balance between light and darkness. Better yet, we left it simple and open to any color interpretation. Think of it like an open canvas, just as our brand represents a mind set leaving it open ended and open to personal interpretation.

Slogan/Mission Statement

Slogan | Mission Statement Inspiraiton
Our Slogan/Mission Statement "Accept Nothing Less" simply represents the choice and challenge we give individuals to either accept a Nothing Less mind set and lifestyle or not. We chose not limit our demographic reach to age, race, or sex, instead we aim to reach like-minded individuals.

Icon Inspiration
Our "0" icon is our main symbolic representation of Nothing Less as a whole. Inspired by those who start from nothing, to those who get broken down to absolutely nothing and have to rebuild, it represents the beginning of something as well as a humble reminder. Open to interpretation, and adaptive to each individual.  

Our Crossed Torch icon also draws Greek inspiration, mainly designed in resemblance to their Olympic Torch which was used during the 1st Olympic games where athletes were showcased in many situations which were either win/live or lose/die. This is what makes the Greek/Roman Era so fascinating, and polarizing. Our brand uses this torch not only as an homage to the Ancient Olympic games, but also in the metaphorical and spiritual sense. The torch symbolizes many ideals, from a symbol of enlightenment, confidence, or the light of hope when all else is dark. As well as being a symbol of taking action, choosing to light the fire inside and do whatever it takes to keep it lit.

About the Brand
Nothing Less was founded in 2011 by Alvin Castillo, Eric Evangelista, and Jayson Icasiano. However, the brands origins began as a conscious inspired clothing company titled R.EA.L.eyes (with the slogan Reflect Elevate And Live) back in 2007, while no product was ever created the values and foundation behind REALeyes heavily translated into the development of Nothing Less. We loved the self reflection and self fulfilling aspect of in REALeyes’s message, but felt that being too conscious placed us in a box and limited mass appeal. We needed a strong, simple approach to our title as well as a reinvention of our company. This led us to creating Nothing Less, where it would still stand for those core values and beliefs REALeyes had, but was much more gritty and aggresive. It conveyed the approach we wanted to have not only in our company, but for the message we wanted to send to our consumers all summed up in 2 simple and clear words "Nothing Less".

Nothing Less doesn’t just represent the cliché and overused Underdog theme used in modern day streetwear, but mainly focuses on struggles and not so glamorous path of striving towards one goal with a “f*ck it” no nonsense attitude. Whether you are on the streets making ends meet, to the student staying up late to get perfect grades, all the way to the person working two jobs to help out the family. Nothing Less serves as that reminder of your goal and to keep pusing on.

Nothing Less can be considered somewhat of a belief system, or an ideology symbolizing life’s “Beautiful Struggle” and the decision to conquer all doubts, all odds, relentlessly towards than your dreams and goals.

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