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Nothing Brutal

I've always wanted to learn how to use Indesign properly so I gave this class a go. I'm a big user of Instagram and have been a part of the #adrawingaday community for over 2 years now. What that means is that I try to make something new every day of the year and post it to instagram. I started with drawings and throughout my first year that slowly evolved into one of my earliest loves..... collage. Since then I've accumulated piles of collages... some done in series with a theme in mind and some just because I had to make something for that day. The practice has been really challenging and rewarding. I thought I would document some of the recent works I have been producing in a booklet / zine format to give away at a show I have scheduled in Feb entitled "Nothing Brutal." A combination of some series I've become addicted to producing where I work with human figures but remove key attributes to see how that affects the interaction our mind has with the image. All of the imagery is produced from scouring old bookstores, flea markets, estate sales, my parents house, books I collected as a child. I've also made all the images black and white because I plan on having the zine printed with a risograph and I will decide the blanket color then. Sorry to be so long winded. Here is the beginnings of what I'm working on:


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