Notesdeck - student project

About a year and a half ago I was working on a screenplay and had an idea for a "word processor" of sorts. So I made it (Grandview, available in the Mac App Store for free). Since then I've made about 5 different apps, some for iPhone and some for Mac, all surrounding WRITING. My newest app is called Notesdeck.

Notesdeck is a simple notes app that syncs between the Mac, iPhone and iPad. It is everything I wanted to see in a notes app and even integrates with Simplenote, Evernote and Dropbox. 

I'm trying to bring traffic to this page:


After watching videos I am going to build many rich landing pages and get them to rank high for relevant heavily searched terms on Google.


Used Google Adwords Keyword Tool to find relevant search terms that has high monthly searches. Created landing pages for a bunch of em':

"note taking applications"

"note taking app"

"note taking software"

"notetaking software"

Making many, many more over the weekend.