Notes on Nostrand

When I first moved to NY, I lived on the UWS right next to Central Park with my boyfriend and his family. The area's design if you have never been there is chiefly residential with small shops on the bottom floors such as bodega, doctor's office, and other service providers. Its the type of neighborhood that one would say is designed to enhance and re-enforce neighborhood ties. Unfortunately, I being a person without roots or an intent to stay very long was unable to achieve a sense of intimacy with the space.

I am incredibly interested in place-making, safety, access and standards of living, gentrification, and Jane Jacobs ( I know another one). The reason I begin with my first residence in NY is to compare it to my drastically different experience when I finally moved to Crown Heights off of Nostrand Ave. I moved to CH during one of the largest waves of gentrification that is still being felt and solidified in the area of Crown Heights. But while there, probably with the assistance of my trustee dog, Mookie, I was able to build relationships, create a sense of community, and understand what it is be a part of a neighborhood. 

My MAP (hopefully) will be of overlapping information: changes in store and residential ownership, my personal connections with my 'block" , security and arrests, and what it means to "place make."

I am excited to start my project, but still have more brainstorming to do